President Biden, Debbie Logica, Senator discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


Another dose of the heavy white stuff. W laws ago, and it is going to be a rough ride this afternoon. So just be careful. Lights on please. Visibility is not all that great right now eastbound on 94 watch for that earlier accident on highway 83 that has cleared up. But we're gonna find slick conditions all the way across the area. We've got very slippery on the East eastbound westbound corridor. We've got snow covered conditions to the north and south right along the lakefront. So be prepared for that hand did have a new off ramp has been reopened. That earlier disabled vehicle that was in the way has actually gotten cleared up. It looks like they may have gotten a plow through that ramp as well. So just be careful with that. Also west, about 94 downtown to the zoo, 12 minutes another 14 from the zoo to Highway 16, North bound and south on 41, both clocking in at 23 minutes between I wake you and the senator change. That's an eight minute delay on either one of those Cellphone 43 still heavy 15 from Brown here Road to the Mark had an extra three minutes. And as you continue over the high rise breach downtown, the Layton Avenue is handling it relatively well. It's about nine minutes, a two minute delay all the way to Layton Avenue. The bypass is also snow covered in slick across the area, so we're looking at anywhere from an extra 2 to 3 extra minutes onto your ride there. With traffic and weather together on the town's I'm Debbie Logica wtmj paella wi dot com Time saver Traffic that winter weather advisory remains into effect for Southeast Wisconsin until noon tomorrow, have a state department today, President Biden laid out his foreign policy plans, including using diplomacy with allies and adversaries, he says, but also putting countries like Russia on notice. We will not hesitate..

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