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Cancer center? Well, when I go back for Texas, like psycho party, I see every everybody, but you know, nowadays is really through social media, especially with being in season, you know, pretty busy, but off season definitely will be making, you know, chill. Rens hospital and everything like that. But you know, I had to reach out when I can. You know whether it'd be through social media messages or or when I have time to go in may of two thousand sixteen you declared that you're cancer free and you began working out shortly thereafter. How has your life changed since you've been declared cancer? Free and how is it affecting your perspective? Ma'am. Just forever grateful that I've opportunity to be back playing a game. Again, a life has changed because you not, I, I'm part of something bigger and football. Now, you know, you know the the Kansas communities like a rather hood allows me to connect with people any color, any race, any gender first hand. 'cause I know what they went through now. So now it's like people who aren't even fancy football or know anything about what they know me as the survivor, you know. So really dislike the audience and people that I've read that that I can connect with is way bigger than just the football audience. And so. So I'll always have reviver our attached to my name. And what's your message to all the people out there who are looking to you for inspiration James, that there's life after and life after tragedy. Never. You can't escape it. I that's number one message and also keep the faith you know through through God, but you know that that wasn't my first tragedy in life, and it won't be my last one. You know, hope it's not as worse as that, but basically, you know, there's going to be tough times in life, but I like to be able to give others hope that when their situation, you know, it'll come and go and and it'd be life after that. So this season's been going great for you so far. What is there left for you to do this season? James. Oh, man. There's a lot of, you know these on paper, but you know, there's when I watched a film. That's the thing that I'm learning every week that you learn something new about yourself, and there's always mistakes after every game. So all matters. There's a lot a lot of football left and there's a lot more can do. You know, just with this with the ball in hands in the ball without without the ball. So we have a lot of football left, so and every week is new week, and I've a lot the proves to. What have you learned from the Levy on Bill situation yourself? Right now? You know, I really haven't been focusing much on it to be honest. I know that there's definitely business sides of it. You know, it's, I know loving, I love the game of football, and I know he wants to be here playing, but that's kinda the part that I don't know is what's going on. I kind of behind the same. So I know he loves the game. He loves to compete helluva player. And so I know if he'd be here, you know, if you if you know things worked out. So really out, I'm not, I'm I'm not really saying much attention to it. I've is waiting to see him when he when he gets back. And when he does get bags going to be a tough time for defense because you know me and him. We bring a lot to the table. That'd be quite a combination to have you and him in the backfield there. Yeah, it'd be so, yeah. Keep doing what you do. James. Got a lot of people pulling for you then a great job, and we wish you continued success. The rest of the way. James, we'll be back in a moment with Mitch Albom. But I, I wanna.

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