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Here's our top story. DNA testing on a huge backlog of rape kits in Maricopa County is producing big results. Madison. Spence has more. The miracle. But county attorney's office says they have completed eighty two percent of their backlogged DNA testing kits for sexual assault cases since two thousand sixteen MCAS. Rachel Mitchell tells KTAR they've changed their tactics from testing only when the suspect was unknown wasn't a whodunit much is it was an argument over whether we could prove beyond a reasonable doubt. But it was without consent. So now we've gone to a philosophy of test. All regardless MCA, oh got six million dollars in grants to test the cats. It has turned indictments on more than a dozen people. Seven of them have already been convicted live in the news center. I'm Madison, Spence KTAR. News was shot by Phoenix police near nineteenth avenue and Monroe yesterday has died. Police opened fire on the man during a fight after he ran from a motel and tried to get into a car. The man's name hasn't been released. He matched the description of a triple shooting suspect who was eventually arrested this morning. By Glendale police. A great winter across Arizona is mixed bag when it comes to zone is upcoming wildfire season Phoenix is almost nine inches of rain since October some places in the desert have had more feeling a bumper crop of brush grass and weeds Arizona State University. Climatologists Randy survey tells KTAR wants the rain shuts off and the hidden ones arrive at won't take long to dry things out areas where we're getting a lot of Wildflower grows right now, those are going to be probably potential tinderbox her isn't as high country singer best winter since at least two thousand nine two thousand ten several feet of snow that should delay the start of the fire season and the timber Jim cross KTAR news attention boaters, some changes at a local lake could give you more opportunities to fish, the Maricopa County board of supervisors approved construction for a new dock and boat house at lake pleasant. We found that there is a lot of people utilizing lake pleasant. And this is a way to provide a little bit more infrastructure to public safety in that park. Supervisor. Clint Hickman says once the new arena opens it allow for the construction of some small outbuildings and more docs for both boaters and the coast guard. And now for a check on traffic..

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