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A five minute drive. I'm Steven fos. Newsradio twelve hundred w. Expected into sunrise, clear sky, low dropping down to sixty sunny later on Saturday, high in the mid eighties, clouds and sunshine, dry Sunday. Lows in the low sixties a high in the mid eighties religious from the Weather Channel on San Antonio official weather station. Newsradio twelve hundred w away. I right now. Fifty eight degrees. I have a lifetime warranty. I have. Distance to car Kia is the place twenty thousand Kia. Optima LX for only one fifty nine a month twenty three to one eighty nine a month. The friendly personal service found the car that budget their warranty really made a difference. Shop online car Kia store in San Antonio. Have a lifetime warranty card for lifetime. Credit eight six six two seven to one for details. Perfect furniture for you is a reflection of your individual style and needs. That's why Lewis shanks offers infinite selection of fine home furnishings in every style. Our new reflections custom-designed center, where pieces could be designed to perfectly fit you partner. With one of our experienced designers to help make your dream. Bye. One piece that time we live to help you love where you live Lewis shanks furniture dot com. Dads grandparents teachers, this is what it's all about getting our kids outdoors checkout..

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