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Of friends or the paranormal and we back at the beginning tens of thousands of people across the country we're using fake apps these were absent were being sold like in the android store that did nothing they were they were reverse engineer ben hanson from faculty while so uh uh appear in front of bill murphy he actually reverse engineered most popular off at that time i'm not gonna see the name of the up because why am i going to give you know uh visits to my fake i've known fake out he reverse engineer did that the software developer who turns out later it was not the software developer and with somebody of polling who you're paid two hundred fifty dollars at just sliced up a bunch of edgar allan poe audio files slapped i mean there and was just randomly spitting them out not based on math not be some scientific principle based on nothing right that really gave a black eye to the paranormal community tendon then another guy meter radars was supposedly skinny ghost and that wet nuts i mean literally over two hundred fifty thousand downloads initially for this up parentlevel ghost hunters all over the place you've been this happy guess what it was reverse engineer these big didn't bother to opera ski or protect your source goes it was wide open properties see they're like oh my god the guys just every few seconds drawing a blip on the stream i wanted to ask but well i wanted to ask you about the gdp too and it's scouts three scanning modes and one of them is four hundred thirty two hurts which is a very interesting frequency out there for musicians to as well how does that work right so that known as dirty a and again the reason why we use you've these readiness because there are two issues and it didn't believe that the earth actually produces the vibrations science already knows that planet planets in stars actually emit vibrations in the are picked up through audio they can you can go to youtube and you can find videos of audio that's been recorded by nasa it's really crazy so like i was seen in the world the metaphysics in in the paranormal community you know in in the in.

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