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To mortality, and I think they're reporting here. Husband pretty straight forward over the last 5 to 6 weeks prior to that, when there wasn't testing in January and February, that's a very different situation on so there are other countries that if you wait, Did you hear what she just said? Did you hear that? What did she just say? Prior to that, when there wasn't testing in January and February? That's a very different. Oh, she said there wasn't testing in January and February. Well, we did a lock down the second week of March. Do you know what they went off from? The February numbers of Kobe. We had 32 cases of death marked Cove it in 1000 cases. And this is what prompted the entire nation toe locked down. But Debra Burkes now admits that they didn't really have much going on in February as faras testing goes. So what were those numbers then? And why did they keep them? Why'd they lock down our entire nation Because of those particular numbers? Well, the Yeah, it was just a air. Oh, poor mama. Right? Made yes, that they made that now they're saying oh, not so much, but it did prompt the entire lock down of our country. And here you go. Neighbour problem. Some countries air recording that as ah heart issue or a kidney issue and not a Coben 19 go. Right now. We're still recording at and well, I mean, the great thing about having forms that come in. And a force that has the ability.

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