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One final time back out at sports authority field at milehigh is now eagle cress in pomona have taken the field for the five eight game which will commence in about forty minutes ryan kaufman crisp rated a back with you here and the public south celebrating a state championship in it's gotta be incredibly incredibly special for everybody in pueblo to be able to have his seat as state champion right um and they've had son and other divisions recently but i think really i don't think anybody's in puebla i think they're all here right exactly they made a g they travel well was put it that way like all game added vipul of low right if you would like to get your holiday shopping done at the pueblo mall it is currently empty rights because everyone is here checking out this game dow that's great and and look ice i've spain time i spent my college years in pueblo i my wife is from pueblo i understand how much high school sports means to them and i know how much this trophy means to them and and you're happy either way i went into today saying that i would be happy for either team because um spending the time and pueblo that i did obviously living now in colorado springs knowing the pine creek community uh like we do uh we feel for them but at the same time were happy for pueblo south and you know what the awesome thing is if you're pine creek fan you'll be back yeah and in puebla south now they've reached kind of critical mass right they they're court they're running back losses quarterback is the senior uh wide receivers a senior so it's gonna be interesting to see were ryan goddard has in store for for 2018 but that's a long ways away they're just going to a soak this one off because it is going to be a fun riot back down to pueblo in a fine a couple of weeks side down in the steel city celebrating this one before we go we want to thank our sponsors who got behind our high school sports all see all football season long really but have really stepped up here in the last couple of weeks to.

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