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The sobering message of a uniquely Northwest treatment center. 50 for Marina Rock, Inger with our co Moh traffic. We've had problems on 18 problems on I five. You name it. They're they're so high Waiting has been the big one today. So there of semi Overturned in the media near 304th in the Auburn area. It's really causing not only distraction, but also crews have closed the left lane in either direction of 300 forth. His tow trucks worked to get that. Truck out of there. And so that is why it's we're seeing such big backups in that area. We also have a problem on westbound 18 on ramp from the West Valley Highway collision is blocking that ramp, causing some slowdowns to south down. 167 is a struggle just south of Highway 18, and that's going to remain that way past Ellingson in the tough again from Just north of highway for 10 into the wall of sound found 167 really tough from the way station, the old way station in federal way down to about 54th and five. It's a solid go North bound I five from one just south of one 45th in shoreline through mount like terrorist continues to be sluggish past Alder wood interchange because of an earlier problem in Lynwood and North and 405 is still really struggling from totem like past the 5 to 200 change your next coma traffic at 5 14. Traffic this time sponsored by the law offices of Harold the car. Harold and his 55 person team have helped more than 22,000 people with our personal injury cases since 1991 car accident call CAR visit Harold Karr, attorney And Shannon O'Donnell with Akama Weather Outlook either everybody heading into our Wednesday evening with a lot of cloud cover around here, it's still nice and mild fifty's too near 60, but from this weak disturbance pushing into Canada today we're seeing just.

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