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To all department of justice and fbi documents it possessed is on the trump dossier the daily caller learned from the committee was able to review friday all fbi and department of justice documents on the trump dossier former mi six british agent christopher steal who authored the dossier and fusion gps the political opposition firm that hired steal all those documents they were able to look at it's been quiet as it it down very quickly harbin of justice also provided the obama administration applications to the foreign intelligence service court hm which could approve these surveillance of the trump transition team according to a source would direct knowledge of the case so that means they know now whether the dossier was used yeah right they do the committed us right while which means both democrats and republicans no what was used in the application nothing has leaked nothing what's more likely that they know something that favours the president and and again this is the because this would be the idea going back to the marco rubio question uh for former fbi director a combing that they know something that favours the president no leaks or they know something that doesn't favor the president and no lics if there was something that didn't favor the president were any one of the administration right now when we hear 'cause i mean i think the closest thing we can come to light had is that moeller may have to mentioned recently may have to talk with may have to interview the president although there hasn't been any formal request which means nothing has happened that's the closest thing you can come to this i mean if there's anything at all ever that's even remotely unwavering bowl for the president or somebody in their administration or campaign we learn about it i can't really comment on things i don't know but what i can comment on is when you look at the whole russian collusion thing that the only thing that really didn't leak knowing didn't leak in the first six months the only and and lake is the one thing that i was it was a town hall or pratt who did a natural room at a rather is national viewed at broken down by the numbers dow the.

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