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Dexter Lawrence. The giants do a trust their defense. They get a big defensive tackle at a tad over six five and three hundred and forty two pounds and Dexter Lawrence. Clemson the third Clemson defensive lineman here to get drafted off that national championship team in the first seventeen picks, and he had so much has so much potential at this level. She here with Andrew bogusch. Even though he swears he has no idea what he ingested that caused them to pop positive and miss. Clemson's title game. He was the rookie of the year in the ACC in two thousand sixteen that he was first team all ACC as you talk about this. Clemson defensive line is producing now multiple pros and fill the system is working obviously Davos twenty and what he's done with that college program and Clemson is working to. And so we'll see I like the fact that the giants spent some time talking to him as did other teams at the combine and the workouts and decided, okay, this guy's telling the truth. Now, if it blows up in their faith, and it's a completely different thing. But they've decided they were going to trust him. Yeah. They are. And they're going to Bank on the talent. And people look at his years at Clemson, even though yes. In his final year over the Clemson Tigers us first team all ACC, but they would probably say that maybe after his initial year where he'd seven sacks Clemson tiger in two thousand sixteen Amy which you just mentioned that maybe he did not show his full potential down in Clemson that they expect him to take his game to another level. And even though us a really good player. And he's going to be a good NFL player. That he did not reach his full potential. So there's still room for Dexter Lawrence to improve. And I remember talking to Dabo Sweeney. We had him on Taza myself, Adam on radio show. About a month after he beat Alabama and the national championship game. And he said, listen, don't sleep on Dexter Lawrence. He's an absolute man child, and he's going to be great in the National Football League. The giants are banking on that they needed help along that defensive line, which we've talked about before them making that seventeenth overall pick and they're banking on Dexter Lawrence. Who was a really productive player option? Even get better here in the National Football League, Clemson and Alabama. What does the prize to resounding themes, and we get this? Now a lot because of the the way these teams have done battle and multiple championships and multiple college football playoffs. Devo all smiles in Nashville as he's got three three defensive live, and who are already off the board and that brings us through seventeen picks through seventeen pets pick eighteen in the Minnesota Vikings, and they are on there on the board and their pictures in as we wait for Roger Goodell to hit the podium down there, Nashville, Tennessee. Amy, but the Minnesota Vikings who last year when all in bringing Kirk cousins they were hoping to maybe build upon losing in the NFC championship game the year before before to the Philadelphia Eagles. And clearly they did not make it to the Super Bowl Kirk cousins. Statistically was okay. And good it good statistical year. But if you watch them, especially in big games, you didn't play particularly. Well, the Minnesota Vikings that our number ways that they can go here team. That's looking to bounce back and get back to the championship game in the Super Bowl in two thousand nine hundred two things that stand out about the purple eight offensive line stunk was one of the worst in the NFL last year and be when are they ever going to get a consistent run game? I keep waiting for it. It hasn't happened. Latavius Murray is on his way to New Orleans. And so they got some good production now, and then, but it's just never consistent enough, which always then puts a lot of extra pressure on your quarterback. Plus the line the defense remained strong under Mike Zimmer. Remember you shook up that offense coaching staff.

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