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Sinuses are a real problem he's like that's where your real problem lies i think sarah silverman doesn't have sinuses in her forehead yeah that's a possibility it's just solemn down that's weird maybe it's the cheekbones i think it's the forehead though she's two of sinuses are missing it could be the speed all sinuses which are the way back sinuses which that kid just died from what yeah it's mean speedo sinus infections are super serious because it's like right next to your brain or something and like if the infection gets really terrible can start eating the bone infection can just spread into your skull and and there was like a like a preteen kid or something that just died from a sinus died from the sinus infection i was on people mag dot com i'm not we're not laughing about a child diet we're laughing because i'm obsessed with people mag dot com i just found out i texted you this yesterday but a man in my neighborhood died in johnson rotted in his house for two months how is he old yeah he died i had no family i'm not sure what set it off them suming the smell and one of the neighbors yes the fire department came broken window went in found his body and this is not what i i didn't tell you all this they went in his house was packed with guns ammo artillery align world war two shell casings.

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