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My name is Stephen are or this is the trailer for Stephen or else. The podcast dedicated to breaking you out of the mundane. How do we do that? Well feast your ear canals on this an egg store Ellen's age one door down miss that what if you must know I'm blind blonde. Well no not really in you ignored all that you pick this show instead. No I've lived a long and interested in life. I mean I've seen stuff that would make an amish man. Anita's own beard that's right if you guessed that the fantastic four are being attacked by the band earth wind and fire you'd be well you'd be wrong. I can understand to heck. I've been there myself but then I put my a big boy pants and I got the heck with my life. Wow that was condescending. I'm glad you've decided not to talk down to one point five million potential listeners. Can you tell us where this person is yeah sure. Will you do me a favor later. Yeah I can do that okay there in Georgetown Awesome. Thanks hi FI. What did this guy <hes> medical tube manacle to in good Lord? I met someone very right now crying on the toilet. You're eating about a credit cards worth of plastic every week then little. Of Green men in the Little Green Pants spelling to a stillness as they finished that dance fun town the Amusement Park out past the lake. You Know No. I don't know I never heard of no fun town. Never heard where the heck you've been Living Verge Awale sock drawer Wales so hey we got some different things for you this week throwing in a couple of extra segments for you because you know I get bored and I think stuff and I write them down and then I come in here and I just do it. What Europe says it asa abner longer to the normal this week so we have to wrap this up now? In order to fit everything else in so we ain't GonNa do the mid about the squirrel that comes in here and stabs with the fork ball. Guess Naught Dang is looking forward to that so celebrate with me. Ladies and gentlemen celebrate the fact that the man here that's providing you with this audio goodness the host as I said with the most is actually the host with a little bit less joy to the world. I can see my own belt. Say Have you ever heard of John Jasper Jude. He lives across town. He's the copy shop do his feet too long his legs up too short. He Hunts Wild Azaleas purely for sport.

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