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Statements made during media interviews could be interpreted as Ronin. Dan Lacking remorse our villon. Ron cited and his appellate. Well it brief was based on a California case and in the State of Utah. Lack of remorse evidence is permitted. One of Ron's most atrocious claims. Yes yes it does get. Worse was at the trial court made an irreversible error when they didn't allow a jury instruction that the jury can consider sympathy Pity and mercy. When considering the mitigating factors for recommending the death penalty there is no statue in Utah? That says a defendant is allowed to to make a general appeal to a jury sympathy. He also tried to challenge the constitutionality of the death penalty but because it is enforced in Utah. The sentence was was upheld in another effort to refuse responsibility. Ron Claim that his sentence was disproportionate to his brother. Dan's particularly since Dan testified testified at his trial that he committed both murderers but was not sentenced to death but remember. There were witnesses chip in Ricky. And they both heard Ron say in the car that he murdered Brenda. And they both testified to such so. This claim was also without merit in the most laughable claim of all ron tried to claim that the court made an irreversible air by allowing the second trial because it violated the double jeopardy clause. The court didn't likely have to explain. Explain very much about why this claim had zero merit but for anyone that doesn't know the double jeopardy clause means a person cannot be charged for a crime twice if the first I trial resorts in acquittal. Double Jeopardy doesn't apply in an instance where conviction is overturned on appeal and conclusion. None of the claims claims raised by Ron. During his appeal of his second trial was a reversible error and the conviction and sentencing were upheld. Ron Lafferty chose chose to be executed by firing squad. The last time anyone was executed by firing squad in Utah was Ronnie Lee Gardner in two thousand ten. Who murdered an attorney? Ernie when he was trying to escape a courthouse Utah has since changed. Its laws regarding death penalty executions and now the firing squad is only used as a last resort. If for some reason the lethal injection drugs were unavailable. Ronald Lafferty was a mere months away from his execution date. But in a twist of fate eight he passed away of natural causes at a Utah State Prison on November eleventh. Two Thousand Nineteen. He was seventy eight years old. His death has hopefully brought some peace for the family and friends of the deer victims. Brenda and Erica. Lafferty as former American fork police department chief Terry Fox was quoted as saying. I'll never forget this. I've seen a lot of death in my career. This one was different in the case that it was religiously motivated invaded. You can use the word brutal horrific and I just don't throw those out lately because this was a really really brutal murder in was different different from a lot of crime scenes and a lot of ways. Okay Fan club members as I conclude this episode my one question onto us. How will you sleep tonight? Thank you for listening if you enjoyed this episode. Please be sure to rate subscribe in. Positively reviewed the show on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you listen to your podcast it really does help. You can find us on social media platforms twitter at T- CFC AFC pod facebook dot com slash t CFC podcast. You can also find us on instagram. T. CFC underscore podcast and of course our website site is true. Crime Fan Club Dot Com. If you have an episode request send us an Email T.. CFC Pot and DOT com. This episode was written by Mary. Gary Cole- research by Pretty Martinez and it it improved by Britney Martinez this episode was produced by Nico Add. We talk of dreams. Check him out on twitter. Talk of dreams or WE TALK OF DREAMS DOT com. I'm your host Laney..

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