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The bellwether. Thank you for joining us. This week i have a guest another guest. And i always give you really really good guests. Because i'm very specific. In the way i pick my guests. I get guests. That i think are going to be impactful for you and this week. I have the author of women of color in tech suzanne petric. We talked a lot. When i talk about guests and the reason i bring guests on is because i like to pick people who will challenge the way that you think i don't just get any guest. Who wrote something you know. Great or or did something impressive you know. We can all do impressive things. I like people who impressive things but they can also teach you to do something or think in a different way. That's going to be impactful. And that's really where suzanne comes. Suzanne is a technology executive. George microsoft's cloud computing has all of this great stuff. But she wrote this book women of color and tech as a guidebook for people looking to mentor the next generation of technology. Innovators is what she says here so how to inspire how to mentor. And my first question for her in this interview which you'll hear in a minute is is this book written. I mean it's really a guidebook for anybody who wants to get into technology. It's not just for women of color. It's really. I got a lot out of this book. I'm not. I'm not a woman of color as you can probably see could probably gather but it's really just a blueprint on how technology isn't just an industry. It really permeates everything that were working in and my first question for her is not just you know. Did you write this just for that next generation or did you also write it for the people who are leading these organizations on how to lay the proper foundation to make people successful. We know from a business perspective. Diverse ideas diverse perspectives give better. Roi give better revenue to the bottom line when we take a look at those companies who have the diverse perspectives in leadership and throughout the organization. Those companies do better for their shareholders for their clients for their people for everybody. So the idea of diversity. The idea of inclusion the idea of equity.

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