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From npr in wbz. I'm scott tong. And i'm tanya moseley. It's here now. Voters in california are answering two questions today. Should governor gavin newsom be removed from office. And if so who should take his place. Millions of californians have already cast their ballots in this closely watched recall election. it's a rare chance for republicans to seize control and a deep blue state cap. Radio's chris nichols has the latest chris. Welcome agreed to be here. Great to have you. There's this narrative tug of war so to speak on what this recall is actually about. Can you remind us why this particular recall. Effort picked up steam. Will this recall. Effort picked up steam. Probably because of newsome's strict coverted policies The supporters of the recall say that the governor went too far when it comes to mask mandates business closures during the pandemic. But i think it's also important to remember that this specific recall effort actually started before the pandemic so newsom has had certainly opponents. Republicans don't agree with his policies across the board not just as cova restrictions right. Republicans say it's about the issues and how newsom has governed the state democrats say it's an attempt by republicans to actually take over the state of california. You've been talking to voters. What are you hearing about the basis of their vote. What is this recall. Really about for them i have. I spoke this morning with thirty nine year. Old woodland california resident justin smith. He says that the governor's handling of the pandemic really influenced his. Yes vote on the recall. I think we've seen the strictest lockdowns pretty much in the country My mom took her life in february a largely because of the anxiety caused by the lockdown measure. So i understand. That cove is a threat but I think we're completely ignoring the many consequences of these mitigation measures and smith added that another frustration was the closures of schools. The last school year. He has children in schools. He feels that the governor should have done more to keep schools open in california. We know that turnout is typically low for special elections especially among democrats. What does the current turn out look like will as of late last week about one third of all ballots that had been issued in california and california issued mail ballots to all registered voters about one third had already been returned election. Experts predict that turn will actually be pretty good for the recall election. They're estimating somewhere in the fifty to fifty five percent In person voting the expectations are. That will get a pretty sizable turn out for the recall and polling actually shows that newsome is in the lead. His main opponent is is larry elder conservative and controversial. Talk show radio host. Who who biden compares to former president donald trump. What are some important things to know about elder for his campaign. He would like to see the end of mask. Mandates in california. He'd like to see the end of vaccine mandates as well those are probably his two biggest policies that he's put forward but really that would go against what a lot of the sort of strong democratic base Supports here in california so the question really becomes not whether elder will be the top candidate looks like he will but whether newsom will hang on and get fifty percent in the recall to retain his job. I want to ask you specifically about what the future more. Broadly looks like california politics. If newsom loses or wins but elder is already talking fraud he appealed to supporters to use an online form to report fraud and he says his team has already detected it and the results but that was yesterday before results were in. Is this his strategy. What can you tell us quickly about this. It does does appear to be his strategy. He along with of course former president donald trump Recently weighed in on the california. Recall when you speak with election officials and experts say there is no evidence to show any fraud the also note that elections in california just like across the country. They're decentralized run by local election officials and that it would be almost impossible to have them all secretly get together to rig an election given the decentralized nature of how elections are operated in california. Of course the bigger question that we're all waiting for and those are the results what the future could look like more immediately for california politics if and loses or or if he wins while i think if he loses and say larry elder is elected Certainly that you would see the end to these masks mandates you would see an into vaccine mandates for state workers for healthcare workers and then voters would have choice again a in one year to to see if they wanna keep the replacement candidate. That was cap. Radio's chris nichols thank you so much for this. Update thank you. There are new questions about the us. Military's final drone strike before leaving afghanistan. The pentagon call this attack on august. Twenty ninth a righteous strike against a man with suspected ties to the islamic state but investigations by several news outlets cast doubt on the official story including whether the victim had anything to do with isis yesterday on capitol hill. The secretary of state antony blinken was asked by representative johan omar if the strike mistakenly killed civilians that is looked at very very very carefully by others in the administration so that we understand exactly what happened or what didn't happen and no country on earth. No government takes more precautions to try to ensure that anyone other than the intended terrorist target is struck using a drone or vite by any other means. Matthew aitken's investigated this attack for the new york times. He joins us from kabul on skype. Line matthew welcome back. Thanks for having me okay. So here's what we know that seems to be undisputed zimeray. Amati was forty three years old. He worked for an american ngo and he relative at applied for refugee settlement. In the us. Can you start by telling us with. The pentagon says happened the us military had said they struck car a target. That was an isis facilitator and to prevent an imminent threat against the airport. Okay and how does that square with your reporting. Maybe first of all whether there's any connection in your reporting to isis or being at a nicest facility well it went to the site of the strike the day afterward and it had taken place in the courtyard of a house and i spoke to the family. Whose house was they were extremely grief-stricken. They told me they had just lost ten members their family including seven children. There was still human rains spattered around the courtyard and car had been struck but took photographs. The scene based on the expert analysis. There's no evidence that there was loss. Larger secondary blast as military has repeated the claim so that calls the question whether there could have been explosives in the car in the basin reporting that we did over the next two weeks. It seemed like this guy had a typical day at work at this. Ngo colleagues in his family said he was driving around to helping to deliver food to refugees. Basically so what. The military may have interpreted from the drone feed as suspicious was just a normal day. We got camera footage from the offices showed him filling up. Some water jugs to put in the trunk of his car and he was taken at home to his family because they had run out of water. That wasn't water deliveries after claps the government. So we didn't find any lincoln's so could this be one source of confusion here that the pentagon is saying that they thought he had some explosives in his vehicle in it actually was the water. It's possible they claim the base also secondary blast which doesn't seem to have been the case the following questions basically why they decided to take strike in a crowded residential neighborhood. You know whether it was going to be a high. Very high risk of casualties. In fact seven children were killed. So what was the imminent threat. Even was some connection. Isis ten casualties here. What what do you know about. How much visibility. Us drones have into this is..

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