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I can try for the kid from little big league or something to make the people at ESPN, fifteen hundred twin cities, happy. Well, I do want to please these people. Minnesota has been very good to us as as have been some of their longtime columnists. So I want to make a public announcement now that is super rare for the media gas bag. That is Dan Levitan. Well, I was wrong about Kirk cousins. Whoa. Minnesota's soak. They saying it's like every fifteen years. Oh, admit he's wrong, and he's doing it for you to sank it in twin cities. Strap it on. Kirk cousins is going to be perfect. There is a bit of a pioneer right? Because he just got in that violent sport, the dorky quarterback of the Vikings and we can say this, right? Some of these guys are a little bit dorky. Andrew luck is dorky. Right? It's is Kirk cousins. Dorky can. Am I saying that even of course you can have you seen how the main grills steaks on social media? I believe he wants to raise his child with an English accent. Do you know what he's doing though? What he trademarked here? Do you guys know what he trademark? No. Yeah, I do what you've like. That man. Goosebumps co-sponsors from God's the highest praise. You can get. He vikes that high vite that he vikes it. I'm sorry, I stepped on your joke. Yeah, he's a bit dorky. I would say ally manning falls in that in that same category is going to work well with those with those skill guys. He he performed as gain them did. I mean, yes based, well, everyone did Sam Bradford, did those those skill guys and that defense. I think we could say right without knowing what the patriots defense is, but assuming it's going to do what it does every year that the Vikings, the second most balanced team in the sport now because Jacksonville's lopsided, right. Green Bay is certainly lopsided. I mean, it's one guy, right? Right. People don't. The saints would be balanced in their defense. You sing in Minnesota. We all know their defense is good. We're all going to say their is top five in the league. When you think of defenses, you think of Jacksonville, you think of them that it's it's a violent defense. That yesterday and that's not Garoppolo. Garoppolo didn't get all that money being turnover machine like, he's that messy, Minnesota. Does that you and then on top of that, they're skilled guys, you can make the argument or the best outside of Pittsburgh there. So now you put Kirk cousins in that, and you ask him to sort of be more than a game manager Beaton b. b. Alex Smith who makes some more of the long plays. And now you give him those skill guys. You got to fight that. Like that's. And so he's a, he's a dorky pioneer and we all know Minnesota's. Good, right. We know this, we know Minnesota's good. We know Jacksonville will go as far as quarterback like we know Jacksonville is going to is going to be a rampage. Yes, we know the Vikings are good. We know Jacksonville's good..

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