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Seven nine I art radio station man hunt over in Tennessee im camp who sell fox news and escaped prison inmate on the run for several days is now in custody Curtis ray Watson captured after being spotted on private surveillance video the offender Watson was at that residence appeared three of got into a refrigerator the back of the house took some items out Tony Parker is the commissioner of the Tennessee department of corrections authorities say Watson escaped Wednesday after killing a prison administrator momentum is growing for gun reform following the mass shootings in Texas and Ohio president trump signaling support for what the White House calls meaningful and measurable reform as the Democrats who want to replace the president pound the issue on the campaign trail former Texas congressman better work says after last weekend's two mass shootings the country needs to overhaul the ways Americans can buy guns and while he's no longer in Congress or work says he now supports a proposal backed by it by New Jersey senator Cory Booker to establish a national system for fire on licenses fox is mark Meredith lingering questions about the death of Jeffrey abstain the wealthy financier accused of sex trafficking died yesterday at a New York City jail from an apparent suicide reports say he hanged himself with the bureau of prisons would not confirm that they also would not confirm whether abstain was in a cell by himself we know he was in the special housing unit which is a more secure part of the prison at one point home to the drug king pin el Chapo according to The New York Times abstain should have been physically checked by a guard every thirty minutes but they're reporting this morning in that procedure was not followed fox is Jackie Heinrich the FBI and the department of justice inspector general will investigate tear gas inside a train station in Hong Kong as anti government protesters throw bricks at police.

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