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It's a big day of racing Belmont Park on Saturday features, the jockey club, Gold Cup grade one, but there are two other on race has also the grade three pilgrim on the card. Some of the stakes racist didn't come up that competitive diversifies a heavy beaver in the Gold Cup and imperial hint looks awfully tough to beat the Vosper, but the two middle race is actually really interesting. The pilgrims competitive. We're gonna take a look at the eighth race. It's the grade one turf classic. It drew field abate, but this pretty evenly matched bunch of all of these amid chances, the horse on the rail, Robert, Bruce is the two one morning line favorite. It seems like he is the horse to beat in this race pretty clearly opposite in Arlington million. Last time, we'll just take a look at his recent p p is he's eight for nine lifetime. He's only loss came to back in the Manhattan when things just didn't go quite right for him. But this horse has been pretty much untouchable in his other races. It didn't look like he was ever really gonna get the Arlington million last time, but what he really is able to wind up. His Ron get into top gear. He mows down fields really comes with a strong late finish. We saw that last in Arlington park, you would think that stretching tra- mile and a half only gonna help this horse because you watch his one twelve for long race in Chile, to conclude his career. There is a campaign there. He also that day was just kinda grinding it out. It seemed to, he just seemed to get stronger as the race went on. So I think he's got a ton of stamina. I'm not really concerned about the extra two furlongs you know, he's faced a lot of the same rivals that beat him to back at the Manhattan. But that was a race that really turned into a sprint around the half mile. Reefs palmettos doesn't really work for this worse. He's more Ryan ding type that likes outstay his foes. So I think this race is probably gonna be work more in his favor. His can be very short price. I'm kinda worried about that, but he is way the horse to be Niger simply can't be against him. However, at bicker prices are smother horses that you want to consider that I would use his backups or underneath him of your playing exotic wagers dithers to look at is obviously spring qualities. Beaten in Manhattan to back from quality was actually post race in the Arlington million in August, and he had a bit of a hiccup as he got sick prior to that race, they ended up rerouting him to the sword dancer off. You know, perhaps slightly inadequate preparation and I thought he got a pretty good trip dancer just came up a little bit short that day, but he ran another solid race. I've always liked this horse and I've always thought that the more distance was going to be better for him. The sort dancer was raised that was really dominated on the front end. I think channel maker got a very good trip that day not helped result in his second place finish, whereas glories empire, the winner led the entire way. I thought spring quality ran. Well, I think he's got a very good shot in this classic. He's one that I'm definitely using. But again, he's not going to be the biggest price near some others to consider a satyrs joy might be a horse. The lockable jump off the bandwagon of coming into this classic because he just never got on track in the dancer. Last time. Never really ran his race, very atypical for him because he's a horse that usually does show up every time even though he doesn't win that often. I thought he ran extremely well. The Manhattan going all the way back to that June nine at raise actually three back for him. He kind of made a very early movement. They started sprinting around the far turn. I thought he had every right to fly out of the. End of that race, he also Mel over trip was he probably doesn't like that much of the bowling green. He's one that I wanna use. I think he's a horse of defecate, has a good chance to finish the money in this race. It's just is he finally gonna win race. The stretch to my own half helps in probably, but I just don't quite trust him on top. Let's take a look at the pace, productive, finished rates setting..

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