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The other way you get in touch is on Twitter hit me up at Jodi McMahon J. Oh, do I m. ACM an best tweet will be honored with the MAC. Daddy tweeted today award at the end of the show, and I gotta thank the whole bunch of people by nine ten. I remember I said if we get hundred forty-seven tweets, a forty seven tweets or seven tweets, we're we're up in the forties ready because by twenty of them corrected me on something that I said previous show, we talk about the. College basketball. Duke came into this week number one. Even though they had a loss and got beat at home by Syracuse. Michigan was undefeated were sitting at number two. Candidacy was three even though they already had a laws and Virginia was number four. I'd say Virginia lose I'm not sure exactly who is going to be the number one team. I think I said Tennessee lost this week. They did not lose this week. They lost previously in the season to Kansas. Great game. Squeaker overtime. So Tennessee had a loss. But for some reason, we're ranked Atta Virginia, it's the pulse. Where you can stay in Virginia. Wind Virginia's gonna number one. No questions asked Duke wins. I don't think they retain number one. I think Tennessee's should move up. Pass Duke, and I guess to number one Michigan lost at Wisconsin today. It's not a terrible laws. But Wisconsin's only okay this year. They're not a not a top ten team. I guess Tennessee would go to number one. Now, Virginia and Tennessee would both have won loss. Bo tat lost. You can certainly excuse to Kansas either neutral floor and Cameron. Now, I wanna knows losses. A damning laws Tennessee jumped from three to one. Or maybe even how did the closeness of this game where Jinyan Duke could determine it. But do gets a little a little rose bloom off the rose with the fact that they got beat this earlier this week. I I watch a lot of that Syracuse game great game back and forth between the two and man Williamson played well, but he wasn't enough to get a team over the top. They lost Agni with the shoulder separation and the price at man that hurt I just flipped the game on. I just seen that play. I say he's done for the night. I didn't even know that RJ bat wasn't playing because I just turned the game on found out afterwards. Barrett was ill and came out. Just sat on a bend didn't even try and warm up. So they didn't have Barrett to start. And then they lost Jones in a game. Maybe the cuts Duke a little bit of slack for that. I don't know how to ratings go to come out. But I had I think I said. And Tennessee losses week Duke lost Michigan lost Tennessee lost Virginia loses. Here. We'll know Tennessee getting lose this week. They lost earlier this season. Why meant to say was of the top four teams. Nobody would be undefeated. But thank you to everybody who reached out on Twitter and corrected the host not going to get your MAC. Daddy. The day. But I will at least acknowledged that was wrong. And thank you for correcting me. Crank from Lansing. Michigan up on CBS sports radio. Hey, good evening. I wanna talk about the patriots and chiefs, but you brought up the hall of fame baseball. So I don't know who's been nominated or what what's happening, but just let me get an outsider, you know, out of the Detroit market. What are you think about Lou Whitaker hall of fame is the you know, when you watch him play, what your I tell you? I mean, we all I mean, I I can't really give an objective opinion here because I mean, I love the Whittaker. But what know you didn't. You know, you're you're not entire fan. I mean, what do you think? Well, I will attempt to give you an objective opinion. And I'll tell you did it really isn't truly one hundred percent Jacob because my father worked for the Detroit Tigers for a bunch years. He still lives in lakeland, Florida. When I go down at spring training. I often attend tiger games. And I got to meet both Alan Trammell, and Lou Whitaker and Baltimore. Great dudes. Allan Allan got in last year via the veterans committee or the new fangled way of doing it. That includes some hall of famers, and some writers and the like, and Lou will be eligible we of that group because he's no longer on the ballot. I don't think either one of them was all Famer now, I'll give you my father's opinion. Who knows more about baseball than anybody? I've ever met my life and was a tiger vice president, and I don't know if he's completely unbiased. But he always says he is in me judging him, I'll tell you that. I believe most times he is. I think he's if he is unbiased, and I just think he's wrong because he said Alan Trammell as a hall of Famer and his book and his book is probably better than my book. But if he didn't have a book, you wouldn't have an opinion. Why the hell would you have a sports talk show? I either travel or Whitaker wall of favors. I thought they were both close. But I thought they were both short. Now. Jack Morris got in with tram last year. I always believed the Jack Mars was all of Famer and when he kept getting past Auburn past Auburn passed over. I said what are they thinking? What did they think? What are they thinking Morris? I did believe was a hall of Famer I always thought. Whitaker and trauma would just a little bit short nature. Detroit. Tigers soliloquy today, I get back to the football next because Roger from Florida. Doc, right? The Rams and you mix other than that the phones are open a little bit like we were supposed to have guessed dick per meal. Unfortunately, not gonna be able to come on with us today. Maybe run a mile sometime down the road eight five five two one two four two two seven. No coach more time for you on the phones. After the latest CBS sports update would see though. Sports flash. Thirty based on this week's results alone that will certainly be a shakeup of the college basketball rankings. But at the moment, you got a top five matchup ongoing in Durham under eleven minutes to go second half. It is a good one Duke and Virginia right now tied at forty nine. A piece Duke looking to bounce back from the overtime home loss to Syracuse earlier in the week Virginia looking to remain unbeaten and get to seventeen and five in a C play rest of the scores. Second-half never ate Texas Tech on the road trailing Baylor fifty to forty to potentially another upset on the day. You already had a few earlier Wisconsin knocking off second ranked Michigan in Madison sixty four fifty four first loss of the season for the wolverines and seventh-ranked. Kansas went down in Morgantown, West Virginia. Seven run the closed the game to edge the jayhawks sixty five to sixty four for their first big twelve one of the season, third rank Tennessee almost went down at home to Alabama. But the volunteer survived the beat the crimson tide. Seventy one sixty eight Virginia Tech over Wake Forest eighty-seven seventy-one Kentucky outlasted Auburn eighty two to eighty in a match up of top twenty five teams. North Carolina one of Miami eighty five seventy six NC state over Notre Dame seventy seven seventy three ole miss cruise past Arkansas, eighty four sixty seven and Purdue beat number twenty five Indiana, seventy to fifty five NBA pelican star. Anthony Davis expected to miss one to two weeks. Let finger sprain suffered in last night's loss to the blazers Markelle Foltz return to the Sixers bench continuing his shoulder. We have no timetable for his return to play just yet. Sixers came up short at home against the thunder today losing one seventeen. One fifteen is Paul George of the late four point play to steal the wind for okay? See? Elsewhere just went final in Charlotte Hornets blew out the sons one thirty five one fifteen first-quarter action pistons at only the king's thirty to twenty two you got the Pacers out in front of the Mavericks twenty four twenty three the bucks with a twenty-seven seventeen first-quarter edge on the magic in Orlando. Of course championship Sunday on the way, you get the saints in the Rams three or five kickoff from New Orleans tomorrow. It'd be followed by the chiefs and the patriots six forty eastern from Arrowhead couple NHL score. Here. First period. Bruins or scoreless. Save the flyers. The Canadians the lightning lay the sharks will nothing in the first senators up one nothing on the blues. Jetson stars are scoreless earlier the ducks topped the devils. Three to avalanche blue at the kings seven to one, I'm Chris lopresti. This is Amy. Dash check out my podcast, straight, aim find it on itunes, Google play and.

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