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Matt McCarthy Dave all homes. How are you? You know. Yeah. You know unanswerable question in two thousand and twenty. I think okay I think is yeah. Yeah, trying not to stare directly into the abyss. Union. Traffic is jammed the with the paper plate in a Pinhole in it. Hard not to do that win. The abyss is everywhere and every standing all around us. Oh, it's all around us. This is doing a brisk business in twenty twenty. But. That's okay. That's okay. Because we have a brand new episode of Homophobia this interview folks you are going to love. I talk branch of fresh air, a real breath of fresh air, eight suspicion I would get along with Ross. Mathews and we both did. He is such. A legitimate charmer NAMEDROP is the book. He's got a bunch of great celebrity stories. He's just as. Well as God, Damn Bundle of joy. Love Him. We love him. We love him, but. Without any further ado, what we're doing listener. We are. We're getting into it. It's twenty twenty times are tough. Things are difficult. We Need A. We need a distraction. We Need A. We need a sexy distraction quite frankly. So, we're talking. About our first times last week. It was to fumbling thirteen year olds under a basement staircase. This week. mcconnachie, it's this. Way. To fumbling fourteen year, olds in a veteran Ohio, and before before you dive in I, do want just remind the listener that we we want your story. We've gotten a bunch of great one very excited. Mostly, they been text to Homo. Thelia POD AT G MAIL DOT COM, I am very excited to do some character voices and get into them in the coming same same. I'm so excited for reader speeder. And all those stories are going to be better than what I'm about. Tell I'll just lower the bar for you right now. South Diet to follow Dave 'cause your story was so well crafted, and just You know just riveted. This will be whatever the opposite of riveting is. Because I was a kid. My first time is a non thing. 'CAUSE I was like one of those. Just I I just exuded gayness and you know I for as long as I can remember anytime having a sleepover with with like multiple male friends. There's like weird stuff happening in the sleepover which. Is Normal at the scene. Set the scene. What's what's the what I just remember? Leap over I remember a lot of like going to A. Friend's house and and the the other. The boy and I who the same age would like. Go hide under his bed and. Under the friend of under the bed and not French, kiss know, why is all we friend? Frenching as best we knew how to French and I want to know what age is. This I couldn't even tell you what. I'm guessing were in the like the nines and the tens were definitely my free Puke bessant. Like I just always had like A. I don't know where I got my ideas about like saks and stuff I think it's just I watched a lot of like soap. Operas are rated movies. You know all the stuff you do when you're growing up. In the eighties and and I think I was just mimicking that, but I, but there are countless experiences like that where it was just like a Jersey and understanding, and it was totally mutual where it was just like a we're gonNA. We're GONNA. Get as sexy as one can be when you are sure, and he's also a great I know it's creepy and problematic. Talk about when you're a child, but I'm talking about my own childhood so I guess. Yeah, it's acceptable. It's acceptable, so you're at. Is there like a cocktail party? Going on downstairs? Yeah was like. My. Yeah, the it was like the other like cool parents who drink kind of thing that they would have there, but then, but also I would have friends over at my house. Stuff will happen to them at once like eighty, nine, eighty, eight, eighty, nine, probably like late eighties early nineties to midnight Guess Anyway Paula. Abdul is on the is on the cassette player. She is the soundtrack one hundred percent, and then as I'm entering like high school. And now we're firmly in the nineties. I have like. Who is essentially a fuck buddy? And as soon as we are like the the the dream were area where, like messing around as as we're going through puberty, and just sort of fumbling through it, and then as soon as we are like a able to do, so we're doing everything we can. We're just sort of like checking off the list like. Have we done all of the the acts that one can imagine? And it, WHA- If if anyone is thinking, this sounds hot. I want you to. Just you kind of reset your mentality because I assure you. It was not and the other thing is like. We were really attracted to each other. It was just kind of like well. This is what we got so guess what do this. And I was also did in high school doing this weird shirt where I was like. Not really dating girls, but like having crushes on girls that I swear to pine over them, and cast myself as like the like the lovable loser. Who's WHO's unlucky in love? which was just a front forgiveness of course, but I would literally like. Leave. Party and this brand would come. Pick me up. He was a year older, so he drove before I could and he picked like. How was it unlike? Well Brandy and I kissed and John You know afraid. She's tell her boyfriend because he is older and he clearly doesn't like like. Give him the download, and then we will go home and. Fuck which. But it was just never. It was never talked about outside the moment that we were doing it ever. And what are the? What are the emotion are their emotions? Zero Zero. For friend who the there, there's a there's love 'cause we're friends, but I believe on both sides. It's sort of like this is just a means to an end and Ray. We are each other's only viable sort of safe option so That was that was gone. As long as I can remember even the I'd say the first year or two of college when I would come home from break You know I'm Ken laid. So..

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