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Let's get you up to date on the news. You need to know what this shower and we begin with a sell off in Tesla stock. Shares are down almost 6% after Elon Musk much hype third master plan fell short with investors. Musk also tamped down speculation that Tesla will mine lithium, but says he's focused on refining battery metal crucial to EV production. It's really the refining capacity that is the biggest choke point. Yeah, so that's why we're building election refinery and Corpus Christi. Elon Musk also confirmed a new Tesla plant in Mexico, but offered no details on timing. Karen stocks are on the globe are on the same downward trend this morning with concerns over sticky inflation and hawkish Central Bank messaging, Minneapolis fed president Neil kashkari says the fed will keep hiking after a recent slew of data. The data that we've gotten in in the last month, which has been a very strong jobs report, higher inflation that we expected. I mean, these are concerning data points suggesting that we're not making progress as quickly as we would like. And the Minneapolis feds Neil kashkari says he's leaning toward pushing up his rate projections on his next stop plot. I'll overseas Nathan fresh data show Eurozone inflation remains sticky, Euro area consumer prices slow just slightly as core inflation surged to a new record. And rates in Europe appear to be on the upward path, ECB president Christine Lagarde tells a Spanish TV show that increases could continue past the planned half point move in two weeks time. The saying in Europe Karen Credit Suisse is escalating its efforts to win back clients as senior bankers depart after unprecedented outflows in the fourth quarter, the zerg based lenders raising deposit rates significantly higher than rivals right now shares of Credit Suisse are lower by 2.8%. Back here in the U.S., Nathan shares a Salesforce or up more than 15%. The company gave an upbeat forecast for the coming year and expects to make quick headway on profit margins. And in the crypto space shares of silvergate capital are plunging on news its delaying, its annual report Bloomberg Steve rappaport joins us live with the details. Good morning, Steve. Good morning, Nathan and Karen, a cryptic warning from the crypto friendly firm sent shareholders running in free market trading with the stock down as much as 32%. Silvergate says it's reviewing its status as going concern while the damage from the downfall of FTX, the firm's deadline for the annual report was yesterday, silver gate in the filing, says it needs more time to analyze regulatory and other inquiries and investigations that are pending, live in New York, I'm Steve rapaport, Bloomberg daybreak. All right, Steve, thank you. And futures this morning are lower S&P futures down half percent or 20 points now futures little change NASDAQ futures down 7 tenths of a percent or 88 points, and the ten year treasury down 9 30 seconds yield 4.03%, straight ahead your latest local headlines, plus a check of sports, this is Bloomberg. 5 31 on Wall Street and Amy Morris is here with Warren, what's going on in New York

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