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Attorney General Daniel Cameron's office to hold off until Friday on delaying audio recordings of secret grand jury proceedings into the police killing of Briana Taylor. Cameron, spokesperson today announcing the judge granted a shorter delay, giving the attorney general only till noon Friday. He had asked for a week there was shot and killed her to Louisville Homos. Police were executing a narcotics search warrant. On Wall Street. Today, the Dow is up 329 points. This is NPR Man. This is Casey AR W. On Larry Perella. Here's what's happening at 604 morally County businesses. And schools were set to re open over the next 10 days, even though we're still in the states most restrictive tear for re opening. This includes indoor shopping malls, outdoor playgrounds and card rooms and some school waivers. Last week, the county met the daily case threshold to be considered to move out of that tear. But on Ly if we stayed at or below seven cases per 100,000 people for two weeks straight as we expected, unfortunately, are adjusted case rate increased a bit, and this does keep the county into your won the most restrictive plan for at least another three weeks. Barbara for rare, the director of the L. A County Department of Public Health, says this does not mean we can't reopen. Certain sectors approved by the state just means we have to do so carefully now that we've seen the stabilising or declining numbers across our metrics, and we didn't experience the post Labor Day surge similar to what we saw after Memorial Day and July 4th. The Board of Supervisors approved several recommendations that we've proposed Ferrer says staggered re openings will happen over the next 10 days to keep risk of outbreaks to a minimum. Health officials reported about 1000 60 new cases today and 30 new deaths as well, bringing the Countywide case total to about 270,000 people. This year's freshman class of the University of Southern California is the largest and most diverse in the school's history. The demographics line up with similar trends at the University of California, with more on that hears KC R W's Benjamin Gottlieb, about a quarter of the USC class of 2020 for our first time college students. It is a big change from last year's cohorts. When that figure was closer to 15%. USC is latest enrollment numbers also reflect gains in the number of Asian, Latino and black students. And as college admission numbers are on the decline nationwide because of the pandemic. USC reports a year over year increase in freshman admissions by 360 students. These numbers are in line with what's happening at the U. C. And it's nine undergraduate campuses as well. In fact, for the first time, Latino enrollment eclipsed Asian Americans now making up more than a third of the USC freshman class. That is K. C. R. W's Benjamin got leaving. Reporting sport for NPR comes from Eric and Windy Schmidt through the Schmidt Family Foundation, working together to create a just world where all people have access to renewable energy, clean air and water and healthy food on the Web. At the Schmidt dot org's It's 606 from NPR news. This is all things considered. I'm Tanya, mostly in colder City, California, and I'm Ari Shapiro in Washington. The worst presidential debate in history is just one of the ways. Last night's debate between Joe Biden and President Trump is being described. The evening featured interruptions and cross talk, mostly from President Trump. And now both of the major party candidates are back on the campaign trail. Trump heads to Minnesota this evening while Democrat Joe Biden is on a train tour. Riding through eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. NPR political correspondent Scott Metro is riding those rails with Biden today and he joins us now. Train sound in the background and all high there. Scott, There's a big freight train going guy were in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Right.

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