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We're thinking of Henry. His mother and his sisters, it's absolutely horrific. Right. It seems weird to even look back on the weekends racing, but that's what we have to do. The bed for a Sprint Cup went to minz Al. Well done to those who were on them, I can't remember if Mark was with them or not. I'm trying to remember now. I'm getting confused in my old age, Lucy. I know that my shekels run emirati Anna and I had this thing about castle star, but he came out. Which is probably good for me. Overall, because he wasn't exactly the best of betting weekend. If you followed Mark Milligan's advice, you'll have done very well for yourself. If you were listening to me, you might have struggled. Rixi was on with me on talks more to on Friday and he was all over Menzel. But he wanted 5s. He wanted them to go 5s and I don't think many did. It was 72. He was a well backed 72 shot with kaluki sportsbook and there were plenty of people going up and down the lines trying to take all that and he's pulled away to be three and a quarter linked winner from last year's winner and this was seriously impressive in a division that needs an injection of new talent and in high field princess and Menzel whose form correlates from the victory for high field princess and France. We seem to have found two new stars. Yeah, he took the Sprint Cup in fantastic fashion, didn't he? I didn't quite expect him to win in that fashion, but he pulled three in a three quarter length line clear at the line. So it was a very, very impressive performance, probably quite deserving as well because I think he his issues in the past. I think using towards the beginning of his three year old season and Owen burrows would have to be mindful of him. So even more credit to him as a trainer and all go to the team as well at home of this horse and show your group one at the age of four, he'd always shown plenty of talent on the racetrack prior to his injury. I think winning the Jim crack was probably one of his best performances as a two year old. So he was a really smart

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