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He'll be eligible to return in week nine we urge these rumors before about a potential. ABC to Seattle move we've seen a be working out with Russ. So Brandon in work out with the raiders or with the Patriots, we all know why. So we have to wonder would be a good fit with the seahawks and if so why here? Why Now? Absolutely two names Russell Wilson MP Carol. It's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen Pete Carroll. He built his entire system around the people in that building strengths. When you go to other teams is really stale there's no swaggers no sauce there's no excitement when you walk into a Pete Carroll team meeting, there's music playing people running around the place balls being shot on a basket. It's one of the most amazing things Pete Carroll will come up to you if you're natch yourself and say listen guy I did not bring you here to be somebody else this is perfect for Antonio Brown. Now, there are boundaries he will tell you just don't hurt the team now obviously we've. been talking about this for entire year Antonio Brown or something that you just can't do. So I'm confident that this guy is doing everything it takes to make sure he's putting himself and the team in a better situation where he's back on the field. But when he goes to another team, the first thing they're going to say like Antonio, Brown tell me about twitter tell me about instagram what's your thoughts on Youtube or you WanNa post winter you're going to post how are you going to pose? That's not even going to be a conversation around around Antonio when he walks in Seattle, they're just going to say look if you WANNA post fine. Actually, we want you to post peak carols. Phone on a practice fiance man I love what you tweet it last night. So Antonio Brown can be himself Russell. Wilson. You got to think about the characters that was around him when he was drafted there I think this would be a good fit? I. Think. There's other places out there that he would fit well but his at the at the end of the day is going to be on Antonio Brown how he approaches things when he gets back out there. Yeah Yeah that structure in New England and it's didn't quite workout. So Nick, let me ask you this though if he does lead. Who then who is true? The more explosive offense, the Seattle seahawks where they be in Ross or your Kansas City chiefs. See You. Guys always put me in this position you guys are worn. In these conversations humorist. The alternate homer. We know what the answer is. The answer would be the chiefs like. The chiefs have the better quarterback. Russ is great. The only quarterback football better than Ross is the one that plays in Kansas City. They have the better number, one receiver tyreek Hill and both teams were just adding as a once great. All PRO steeler that we don't yet know exactly what they have left in on belony Antonio Brown. So the answer you can say, Oh, my goodness all you want brandon but in your heart, you know the answer to. The Jason. In the better running backs and they've the better receiving core. So the answer's the chiefs I think it's the most predictable I think it's the most predictable answer nick. I really do I think the Seattle seahawks they're more explosive. You can look at the numbers they have more explosive touchdowns Nick your stat guy you like numbers. That's the true now yeah. Of course, you got all these toys and you have homes but the ways the Seattle seahawks is built is run run run and take a shot. They only have Tyler Lockett in a slot to do two things. That's it. Everything else is down the field. SEATTLE seahawks has the most explosive offense. Break. I think you're right. I think you're right. Well, I think the answer is the seahawks but I'm still on your side and here's why the seahawks are like a sneaker head with like no socks on it's like Oh. That's really great but there's a glaring thing that's kind of disgusting about the fact that the seahawks defense is so terrible necessitates them having an explosive offense there allowing four, hundred, seventy, one yards, a game, they all three, hundred, seventy yards through the air, which means if you're a quarterback you come in and play the seahawks throwing for three hundred, fifty yards, you had a bad game. So the alter so bad defense giant. Three words for you. Know shows socks let's move onto baseball resume sponsored by indeed. Upload Your Resume Today Brandon Lau. Break Gnat who season slump last night not one two opposite field home runs in the rays game to win task sticking with him never dropped him down that lineup. Nick you like this series is gone so far futons dude listen I think the dodgers win tomorrow night and by the way America to over two and giving you a picks I'm GonNa give you parlay this time the dodgers and an under eight Walker bueller holds the raise to to earn over the whole game or over his whole time pitching. The dodgers in afforded to win tomorrow. Night, America. I like that as well. We're ranking NFL teams on the other side next tears. Dispersing? Debut over new segment what's going? On Tuesday I.

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