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Delaware, Jan Betsy Ross, Bristol Del Valle discussed on 24 Hour News


It's the PICO traffic time and energy saver root of the morning. Believe it or not the Pennsylvania turnpike, save time and energy of going to PICO dot com slash smart ideas. It's a morning rush-hour. Busy on the turnpike westbound approaching fort Washington, generally out to mid-county, but nothing major but big problems trying to get to the turnpike in bucks county. This is Bristol. Northbound route thirteen is blocked just before the turnpike entrance for Bristol del Valle serious accident. And now an investigation southbound thirteen does get by on ninety five south from the northeast. Jan Betsy Ross burns down Gerard avenue, Delaware, the state of Delaware north on ninety five at a crawl the Delaware house travel plaza. Three left lanes are blocked with a serious accident this before Cristiana mall. Now, we're on the Schuylkill expressway hitting in and we've got delays. It is crawling. Now, the Roseau boulevard eastbound to the vine expressway westbound jammed from bear avenue to the vine. Here's the problem an accident. Approaching broad street. Now cleared out of the way just a couple of minutes ago, the damage done and now another big problem in the center city this time, it's the westbound local vine street, Jan from ninety five and the end of the Ben Franklin bridge up to eleventh street that struck by bicyclists accident and investigation continues one lane right-lane only gets by on local vine westbound the reason for the big delay here for twenty two east. It's oaks on in Chester county north onto two four zero one up to route twenty nine there delays because of an accident just past great valley exit exit a car on its side. Mass transit no reported delays. From the TruMark financial twenty four hour traffic center, I'm Sam clover. Go has lots of ways to help your business save energy and money. Visit PICO dot com slash smart ideas. Biko the future is on..

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Delaware, Jan Betsy Ross, Bristol Del Valle discussed on 24 Hour News

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