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Wouldn't be covering a study eddie on oshawa gonda and sub clinical hypothyroidism and hashimoto's disease so oshawa uganda it's one of my favorites supplements up and using it for about fifteen years with excellent results it's really one of the most popular adrenal adapt degen's out there but it has many other uses all talk about those today more specifically for thyroid issues so this particular regular study it's called efficacy and safety of oshawa gonda root extract in sub clinical hypothyroid patients a double blind and randomized placebo controlled trial so this was published in the journal of alternative and complementary medicine so we're actually off to a great great star just by reading the title because it points out that it's a double blind randomized placebo controlled trial which is what we want this is the highest standard for a study like this so the authors begin by talking about sub clinical hypothyroidism thyroid ism and how clinical hypothyroidism it's usually caused by hashi motives disease so they do point that out now it's characterized by a t._s._e. between four point five and ten and most of you know that that's a fairly high t._s._a. s. h. <hes> and also sub clinical hypothyroidism it's actually characterized with or without symptoms symptoms of hypothyroidism so these people will have a high t._s._e. h from four point five to ten and they might have no symptoms and then they may actually also have positive thyroid antibodies thyroid proxies and antiviral globulin so on paper uh they could have hashimoto's they could have hypothyroidism but they could have no symptoms and so that's considered sub clinical hypothyroidism awesome now they may they may have symptoms but they may not so there are direct connections though with sub clinical hypothyroidism and a few few issues the first is type two diabetes also abnormal cholesterol high cholesterol atherosclerosis calcification of the order impaired cardiovascular function and then they may have abnormal heart muscle and nerve function function as well so all of those are connected now interestingly there was actually a full review done previously a really really good study and they actually found that if you treat patients with thyroid hormone who have a t. s. h. between four point five and ten they have sub clinical hypothyroidism that actually had no effect on any of the above risks so if someone has some clinical hypothyroidism and they have type two diabetes it doesn't help at all giving thyroid medication and and it and it doesn't help preventing the development of something like type two diabetes so there's obviously a lot of other issues there at to play with a high t h like that and no symptoms so oshawa gonda it is an adrenal grenal adapation like i said it's been used for hundreds if not thousands of years in air vedic medicine and <hes> traditional herbalists and basically stabilizes your body's biochemistry and the studies that have been done on social gonda have been have found it beneficial for things like adrenal stress fatigue depression thank zaidi inflammation it helps to regulate the immune system it improves low blood pressure and it's a very strong strong antioxidant so it has many benefits now in a previous study this was in rats it showed that ashwa gonda increased t four and t three levels and then in a human study now this was done on interestingly people with bipolar disorder the oshawa gonda improved the t s h the t four and the t three levels and then another study showed that people who are taking metformin <hes> Metformin can cause hypothyroidism and so in this study it showed that Ashwell Gonda actually completely reversed the hypothyroidism both thyroid ism that was caused by the drug metformin so let's dig and dig into this study so this was eight weeks weeks twenty five people and they took off Gonda three hundred milligrams twice a day and there were another twenty five. I people taking the placebo pill so this is what we want. We want people taking the Oshawa Gonda and they don't know if they're taking the awful Gonda or the placebo pill or not. That's the double blinded aspect of the study if they knew they were taking Oshawa Gonda this could actually significantly skew the results because we know in psycho neuro immunology that whatever you believe changes your brain and your nervous system. Your immune system basically changes everything so all of these people had an elevated elevated T._S._A.. H between four point five and ten but t four and t three levels were within the normal range and then they tested the T._S._A.. H T four and t three at the beginning of the study and then four weeks and then at the end that eight weeks so these are the results T. S. H. levels decreased and so that means that thyroid tyrod function improved so if you have a high tea as h you want it to go down that means the thyroid is getting better and it went down <hes> minus twelve point five percent of four weeks and minus seventeen point four percent at eight weeks so good shift not four levels increased by nine point three percent at four weeks and nineteen point six percent at eight weeks so about a twenty percent <music> improvement after two months and then t three levels increased by eighteen point six percent at four weeks and forty one one point five percent at eight weeks so t three had a huge increase after just two months on the Gonda so only one person in the Oshawa Gonda group had side effects from the Oshawa Gonda and they had fever fever cough headache and weakness but this person said that these were really mild symptoms and they were temporary. They went went away very quickly so <hes> really good safety. There's far side effects so the authors conclude that Hat Oshawa Gonda normalize thyroid function and so clinical hypothyroid subjects to a significant degree and the treatment was safe intolerable now they do point out the limitations of the study which is the small sample size and the law and the low load duration of the study so it Talk about that in the paper which I was surprised to see now since this was a double blind randomized placebo controlled the trial I don't really have much criticism of the study other than what the authors pointed out the small sample size and the short duration but that's really the gold standard is a double blinding randomize <hes> with a placebo and so the people in the placebo group nothing nothing changed so that tells us that the actual Gonda definitely worked it wasn't just based on someone believing in what what they were taking was going to work and that's the issue with a lot of the study some of the ones that I've covered in the past on diet and supplements if there's no blinding in group then it's just you can't conclude much from the study so I've used Oshawa gone to like I said in the beginning for many years I use it in harshly motos disease and hypothyroidism. I like the it's called Oshawa gone to select from Moss Nutrition. It will use a one capsule once or twice a day so in this study they took three hundred milligrams uh-huh twice a day so that's a total of six hundred milligrams. The gone to select has five hundred milligrams in one capsule so that's all people people need sometimes just one with breakfast if they're under a lot of stress and if they're having sleep issues because Oshawa Gonda really helps with sleep will add a second capsule linnea dinner this helps keep stress hormones low <hes> when they're trying to go to sleep now you don't WanNa take Gonda without doctor supervision because you could be one of the people that has the side effects and it could if you're taking thyroid medication. It could have <hes> a negative effect on that so let's I'll give you a specific example. Let's say someone is taking thyroid medication like synthroid or armor her nature thyroid and then they add in Oshawa Gonda as as we can see from the paper their t three levels are going to significantly increase and that's that could create a scenario of hyperthyroidism <hes> because of the medication plus the actual Ghana's you wouldn't wanNA combine the two <hes> <hes> just on your own and it also increased the t four which would cause additional issues and lowered the T. S. H.. So you could go back for your testing testing and your t h could be way too low and so the doctor might think that you're on too much hormone but it's really just the addition one of the Oshawa Gonda that is pushing the H. Down and increasing the t four and the t three so don't combine the two unless you're are under supervision now. There's this information circulating around the Internet on Fortunately Abou- Oshawa Gonda and T. H.. One and t h two issues with Hashimoto's disease and also from the Autoimmune Paleo community that Russia Ghana's and nightshade so you shouldn't take it. If you have Hashi motos this is just a complete misunderstanding outstanding of light shades herbal medicines and immunology so the first thing is that consuming night shades in a meal-sized quantity like having an entire eggplant or <hes> tomatoes <hes> the potatoes those kinds of things. That's certainly going to cause a problem. That's a full meal sized portion of food. The amount of any potential issues in an herb in a tiny capsule is so minute that in the vast majority of cases it's just not going to cause a problem and so this is what will happen. Someone might take awful Gonda who has Hashi motives disease and and they might feel like they're not doing well and so they might make the wrong conclusion. They may think that that's because it's a nightshade and they shouldn't be eating it but what they don't understand that it may be completely unrelated to the fact that it's a nightshade first of all and it could be related to the fact their t three levels are all of a sudden increasing and they're t four levels are increasing now. It may not be that it may actually be a subtle immune response to the Oshawa Ghana because anyone can have an immune reaction to an herb no matter what it is summer some people just I don't do well with certain herbs so that can be the other issue now interestingly enough you know I've been studying herbal medicine for fifteen years ears and every single herbal medicine book and expert around the world whether they're an era vedic herbal medicine practitioner or traditional herbal medicine practitioner from all over the World Find issues with it so traditional herbalists <hes> for centuries have used it and recommend it for Hashimoto's disease now. I can't get into a lot of detailed immunology here but basically Oshawa gone to inhibits N._F.. Kappa be so N._F.. Cap Abi is is a compound in the cell that drives inflammation and auto immune disease so Oshawa Gonda inhibits an an F. A. B. so just by taking it you are decreasing inflammation and you're inhibiting auto immunity so you want to decrease an coppee if you have auto immune disease like Hashimoto's so actual Ghana's it's an excellent choice to reduce inflammation and an auto immunity however it's never that simple when it comes to immunology so the another thing to know is that Oshawa Gonda it's actually also pre biotic prebiotics stimulate certain bacteria and certain individuals and so if someone has CBO bacterial overgrowth or if they have despite basis and they take Oshawa Gonda. It's a pre biotic they could be feeding the bad bacteria and of course we know that hat our gut microflora regulate our immune system and they're intimately involved in auto immunity and inflammation so that's another other potential mechanism by which someone could have side effects from Oshawa Gonda and again they may erroneously think that it's because it's in the nightshade shade family or because it's messing with T..

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