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More things at the time when Loretta was raising these children, her entertainment was staying home in singing along with the radio. Do would be out with the boys having a few years, and she would sit home and she'd sing so like a school training exactly exactly and so Loretta had not yet begun her singing career yet. And how it's just around this time. After having her four children and practicing singing at home, you know, do do little had given her a guitar for her fourteenth birthday, and so she'd been practicing more one day. DOOLITTLE said you know you're actually a really good singer. And then that is what Sparks Loretta is next sixty years into her music career, and that's where we're going to stop with part. One of Loretta Lynn Oh my God. That was so good, and I'm so glad you split it up because that was a lot to take in and so interesting in itself, and I can't wait to hear about her career in how that affected everything and this was great. My Goodness Loretta would've story. I know right so that I thought that her upbringing was so fascinating and I thought that all of those little details, and knowing all of that stuff about her was going to be really important to really understand how amazing her success was as a country music musician as a woman in music, and all of these things, so we'll finish their for today. You know our next episode that airs on regular time will be partout all about Lynn's singing career amazing. Thank you so much aunty. No problem and so we'll finish this episode by playing the pill or I am ready. We'll see you next time..

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