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And so after I interviewed the priest and then the next guest the next Jim Kaleen was was a retired New York City police detective mat-, so cool. So when you get an Irish priest and a police detective as your first two guests, and you cut together a trailer. I set it off to him. And he goes, well, if a priest and a cop off on you, I guess, it's okay. And he got interested. That's right. So we got on the plane and went to Saint Louis, but we saw went to Ireland. There were three guys here in the states. Swinger in Denver. That's right. You met Jim Kaleen swinger. How was that? Awful. Imagine. And I didn't I could have really gone after him to. But I didn't. Awful from all the reasons you'd think, you know. But anyway, the cop in New York the guy in Saint Louis swinger in Denver. And then we went to a stray area, actually how. Yeah. This is a journey. Yeah. It was one year basically from start to finish. And we were blessed everything just total serendipity one thing just led to another which was just great. It's like we were blessed or something. But yeah, the guy in Australia's fantastic. He's a CEO of a community health center, very aware, very conscientious, and and wouldn't respond to my emails and Finally I sent them one Email that was really direct and ten minutes later on the phone and thirty minutes later, he's like you're staying at my house, so cool. So then I went to Scotland and met a guy who's a traffic engineer. And the reason I found him online is that he had an award winning photo of time lapse a traffic circle at night. Wow. So the beautiful blurring of the brake lights and the headlights. And so we actually did the interview from the overpass overlooking the traffic. Circle where he took the photo. And we looked remarkably alike, which was interesting so anyways to being trippy. Yeah. It was kind of weird the whole thing on honestly. But then the third act of the film. I brought everyone to Kaleen Texas, which is our last name colossal allow I had met them all in their own space in their own. You know, doing something that they like to do golf with one guy played poker with another guy. Right. So then swing swing. So I played poker with took his money just a little bit. And then and then so so for the finale, I wanted them all to meet and interact with each other and we coincided with the anniversary of the city. So they had all these events going and they just rolled out the red carpet for us. So we entered chilly in the chili cook off, you know, of laughing the whole time and went to the rodeo and sat right by the bulls. Which was incredible. The only swearing in the movies from the priest when he saw one of the bowls jumping diarrhea, straightening. You know? I don't know if you leave it in or if you bleep it out. You'd have to have to. So. So the whole the whole the whole experience was great because it's an exercise in just finding the courage to start. Yeah. That's awesome. And you know, there's this great documentary called hearts of darkness about the making of apocalypse. Now, I've seen it. Incredible..

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