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Nineteen is coming to fruition and then an end so that's kind of what i meant by that but and you know something i talked about in the review the kind of bulbous reviews like despite my itchiness wariness of the holik marvel dominance in and being fed nineteen movies is that i liked it having a sense of like daniela like that like we're about to kind of finish this and until i enjoyed the movie because it was like oh we're finally getting somewhere where you know we're feeling we've been concentrating water for nineteen movies and now we're we're writing nineteen nineteen nineteen one nine one lesson twenty yeah we're getting to twentieth summer it actually day new mall does it actually starting to cliffhanger at the end of this one that'll be resolved in the next one potentially in captain marvel which will be the twenty first movie that comes out in march before part two of ten years from now near like the hundred fifty yeah i'm gonna feel so stupid riches right it's not exactly a secret we had our marble cover story last year can you were in by joing aroma zone run by by cam vike was like this is like you know the marble as famously has these phases these little chunks of movies that they do that usually end with an inventor's movie he's like this is a wrap up of the whole first part like this is it and where we where we pivot to next which they're being intentionally sort of oblique about i think to try to preserve some of the surprise of like cou might not survive all of this is going to be different marvel the marvel cinematic universe is not going to look like it has looked for the past nineteen movies going forward or at least after the twenty second movie which is of interest for untitled.

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