Florida, Ryan Martina, Patrol Car discussed on Herman Cain


Nathan deal declaring a state of emergency for 28 georgia counties along the coast and there were snow flurries in florida this morning joe kendo here in tallahassee florida erotic along with the florida highway patrol through interstate ten parts of i 10 shook down because of ice on the bridges we've already seen a number of accidents some car spinning out as well we're riding with captain ryan martina who says that his patrol car was completely icedover when he got to it this morning not a site we normally see here in florida something else mountains three using overnight as well florida state's campus a number of other school districts closed for the time being and wsb meteorologist kirk mellish with us now could we see some flurries here and metro atlanta today yeah would be anything that would be a cumulating kind of like what we saw just a a day or two ago with just enough to kind of notice and that's about it and down in valdosta it is knowing they are right now kirk says the freezing temperatures are going to hang around for awhile in fact he says tomorrow's gonna be even colder than today right now on peachtree street we have twenty eight degrees the big winter storm that's moving has caused some airlines to offer travellers a chance to reschedule or cancelled their flights transportation correspondent david curley there is concern for the airlines of their passengers going to be affected so they are offering waivers and this means if you ever flight to the effect that area in the south east all the early to say we will charge you a change he says check with your airline if you want to avoid the storm you could get that change fee waved and eight children among those injured in a massive dekalb county apartment fire this morning the drama plays out live on wsb oh wait wsb's mark mckay over the scene of the fire on pine tree circle were firefighters catch babies like football there were adults that were on the balcony that would dropping their babies right tour on fire.

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