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And asking a simple question, who is Baylor's best prospect? Is it Kendall brown or is it Jeremy son? Yes. And what is the response you've gotten been? Respectfully, it's Jeremy sullying across the board. It's not across the board for me. I would say it's more like 60 40. Oh, I thought I thought it'd be a car than that. Well, a lot of so I think it's also sort of when did you have the conversation? Because after the Saturday game where his last statistically his last two games was the first time he played over 30 minutes clip. Alabama 32 minutes, 17 points on 6 9 shooting 8 rebounds two steals. West Virginia last night. 31 minutes, 13 points and 5 8 shooting, non rebounds three assessed two steals. You see it with the big strong frame, has some touch on the lane, can isolation score from the perimeter takes his man off the dribble, fights for second chance points on the glass, moves well against the zone. He's find those little gaps and flashing catch the opposite. He can score, knock down a three with his feet set, quick feet on the perimeter, defensively to guard three through 5. That's the type of front cork on the NBA where all those things fit and regardless of the style you're playing, working at switch on screens and get his own shot, you're knocking down his open. That's a separation between him and Kendall brand for me right now is that there's times you're almost like begging Kendall Brown to shoot. We're so Han is a three. Like there was a possession against West Virginia, who's wide open. He didn't shoot. He's kind of getting yelled at to shoot, didn't reversed it. It came back and they like airballed it. That's mental, that's a Kendall brown's head. Yeah, I don't think Jeremy sohan has that. It's just more of kind of the opportunity and plays more minutes and meaningful minutes and he's produced. Yeah, they're both in the jabari Smith zone of not turning 19 until May. They're both really, really young. I agree with the ontake Jeremy sohan. It took me a while to come around. Me too. Me too. And that's like I say that often about sort of the draft, Twitter, dialog discourse is people are so high on them before. And just hadn't happened. You saw like these flashes early in the season the first few games were playing 12 minutes. He had a good player too, but I'm never like, hey, let's overreact on a player to. Paid Watson, it's like he had to make a player to ten times where I said, maybe this is a thing. Now sohan has done it and he's had to play more because anaphylaxis out and L dryers out and despite that not being a position, they've had to move pieces, so he had to carry more of this load as well. And he delivered, he has. Yeah. No, I agree with you. The thing that Baylor has done over the last couple of games, particularly is they'll run him off of like pin downs and stuff and he'll catch it the wing and pump fake, stop on a dime, dribble baseline, then spin back and make a mid range jumper, spin back and get all the way to the rim and it's just like, oh, that's like what an NBA team will ask. He came like downhill looped around a screen came downhill for one of those last game and now is almost the same reaction I had. So yeah, that's an NBA move from an NBA body in a future NBA player. Yeah, no. I would have Jeremy sohan comfortably in the top 20. I would say, right? Yeah. And Kendall Brown. I'd have Kendall brown like right around 20 as well..

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