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Week one he is on the fifty three man roster and that's the bears daily update mark Brody news radio on one oh five point nine FM WBBM news top forty eight traffic and weather together on the aids sponsored by the Berman auto express store here's Trent Eriksen about on the news remains nice and clear nineteen between the cook at the Kennedy junction the inbound Kennedy Slover River Road Harlem and tight enough again division of the bird interchange twenty eight minutes in from o'hare sixteen of it is from the destruction locals in limited express about so from Montrose to parliament twenty three to o'hare as in our inbound tightening up between David in the bird interchanging thirty two for about three edited out of town ninety minutes from the Mannheim area the outbound side it's clear at twenty nine to route three ninety Stevenson good shape twenty minutes coming in from the tristate lake shore drive in from Cicero in ten minutes back out is the same northbound in will county in fifty five you're gonna find delays between River Road and arsenal that's getting pretty heavy and jammed up southbound left a river road both due to road work and that takes you down to one lane in either direction through the end of the year in Baghdad Ryan every from cement to the bird interchanging makes an eighteen minute trip money for the downtown back out is clear at fifteen at earlier question thirty fifth and locals all gone fifty seven of the bishop for look good make sure drive north bound soldier filter Grant Park in south bend delays sets for ocean Chicago Avenue it's always pretty quiet and clear and moving right along the eighty to eighty four westbound slow from Brookline eastbound from Indianapolis Boulevard pockets to client was about ninety four jammed up from state road forty nine all the way over the Indiana toll road traffic is sponsored by the new permit auto express or the express way to buy your next used car one hundred percent online just select used vehicle get it's an upfront pricing in L. delivered right to your doorstep. with all the paperwork ready to sign your five hundred vehicles at Berman dot com the traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes Saudis radio seven eighty a what if I put out a fan sunshine in Chicago land there is a chance for some light rain showers in the afternoon as we head to a high of eighty two degrees for the most part though.

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