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This hour from townhall com i'm heat petered the big question is why in the aftermath of the mass murder of some fifty eight people during a country music concert ahmaz vegas by a gunman firing from a 30second floor of a hotel mesquite police spokesman officer quinn everett says the murderer was not on police rate darfur any incident what you need for us is a the gunman the shooter and the person with them that we them as keep police department have not had any contacts with these people in the past we haven't had any traffic stops three out of any law enforcement contacts no arrest or nothing as andrea andrew akioshi and laurel icici said people were trying to rob run but the exits were in the same direction where the shots were coming from your part of the racing and you're you're going to die then again hunger a die hard this new to get out here as quickly as possible and then of course all the people around your thinking thinking the same thing in this since the mass hysteria point white house press secretary sarah sanders was choked up while talking about those who died trying to protect others in las vegas there are examples will serve as an eternal reminder that the american spirit cannot and will not ever be broken in the days ahead we will grieve as a nation we will honor the memory of those lost as a nation and we will come together united as one nation under god indivisible the government's been identified a 64yearold steven paddock the brother of paddock said he's completely dumbfounded by the shooting a security authorities says watch out for copycats in the wake of the las vegas attack james makreda teaches security management of john j college of criminal justice says the shootings will make people more cautious of big events we must be too because an event like to trigger the.

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