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Is said to be in good spirits America's listening to fox news news time is now seven oh two good morning I'm mark Caesar this update is brought to you by triple a counter tops one hundred sixty five Fisher dead in the city of Austin now has to test bull creek for he coli after a weekend sewage spill the city has put much of the sewage out of the creek but the water quality needs to be tested that spill near old Spicewood springs road was blamed on people flushing too many disposable wipes there's a new political action committee in town looking to shake up the Austin city council documents from the city of Austin show the new pack called our town Austin is focused on removing several council members and the mayor from office the group is targeting mayor Steve Adler in council members the Tasha Harper Madison PO Renteria and kitchen page jealous and Kathy Togo so far calls to the group for comment have not been returned Robert would use radio okay LBJ life senior Texas house Republicans no longer support house speaker Dennis Bonnen all our chairs of key committees now two dozen house Republicans have withdrawn their support for speaker Bonnen Bonnen was recorded in courage in the group empower Texas to target ten house Republicans in the next primary del valley once voter permission to borrow almost a quarter billion dollars the district's David Akers says some of that money will go to improving security safety and security improvements are throughout the district that includes things such as camera upgrades and improvements those types of securities addresses the bond money would dedicate four point five million to hardening and securing campuses across the entire del valley district seven oh for now okay LBJ here's Austin's on time traffic with Melinda branch we have several reported collisions thirty five north bound service road at wells branch parkway east to ninety west founded old Kimbrough road in south twenty three north tonic Colton road stalled vehicle on the right shoulder mopac southbound just past spice would springs and in so there was a single vehicle collision on county road one thirty seven at county road one thirty nine they have that completely shut down right now is the records working to remove the vehicle your next reported seven fifteen I Melinda Brantley thousands on time traffic nice today with plenty of sunshine will have a high of the the wind from the weather center I'm heather's air this what is life.

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