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District will open the school year on time first an update from ABC news at seven thirty getting under way now in federal court in Manhattan where dozens of women who say they were victims of Jeffrey abstain plan to testify the judge inviting them to speak as the court is set to close the case against obscene after his death Brazil's president says he wants an apology from the president of France before accepting millions in aid to fight the wild fires in the Amazon ABC's Matt Gutman is there the Brazilian government has loosened regulations on slash and burn cultivation and the president of this country ball scenario is said that he he hopes to develop the Amazon and areas like where we are right now called upon to now and that means you know clearing fields and when he said of fire and it's hot and it's dry and it's windy the fire is going to get out of control tropical storm Dorian is getting stronger and aiming at Porter Rico the storm is expected to be a category one hurricane tomorrow right about the same time forecasters say it will come in close on the island Sherri prestin ABC news FM ninety seven seven seven thirty one right now Tuesday morning in the sunshine and a warm day ahead sixty degrees already in downtown Seattle along with Greg Herschel time and a factor here the top stories from the come twenty four seven you center for members of the Seattle teachers unity get together later this afternoon to hear the details and vote on a new contract that vote will determine whether the school year starts on time more from call mostly stole Seattle public schools and the Seattle education association began negotiations in may the new tentative deal announced on Saturday since both sides seem to be far apart last week with teachers teaching support rallies last year a one year deal was only struck after the teachers union authorized to strike the new contract is a three year deal it includes more than eleven percent in raises for teachers more than twelve percent for parent educators and instructional assistance over that time sixty two thousand and one hundred and twenty four thousand dollars by twenty twenty two the district would also add ten school counselors three nurses and to family support workers the meeting starts at five PM at Benaroya hall first day of school is called off for the Catholic school district teachers are on strike the district in the teachers union are still negotiating a new contract teachers say they are making less than their counterparts in neighboring districts homeowners time seven thirty three local agriculture experts are on high alert after a destructive pest from Japan has been spotted in western Washington almost Corwin heck explains ask any arborist about gypsy moths the hungry insects invaded the U. S. from.

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