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Here's a fun fact. That's not so fun. Americans overspend on car and home insurance by billions every year. But good news. That's where our sponsor the zebra can help you. that's correct. we are now sponsored by zebra. Well actually not just as zebra the zebra in fact the nation's leading insurance comparison site for car and home insurance after a few questions. This zebra these zebra specifically harris people with the right insurance company for them. Helping everyone save time and money. You can then buy online or over the phone with one of their licensed insurance agents. Make this your smartest purchase yet. Visit the zebra dot com slash hustle. How do you spell that you spell. It t. h. e. z. Ra dot com slash s. t. e. Hey what's up. Welcome to sign us law school so glad you're tuning in today my name. Is chris vo your host here with a special segment. We call failure friday. What is that all about well. It's about the principle that we can learn as much from failure. We can from success. We can learn as much from defeat as we can from victory struggle as much as whatever the opposite of struggle. Is i guess something going very easily or simply and thought always how it works in fact quite often. It's not how it works so sharing these stories a collection of short stories all about mistakes misteps disasters and of course failure so these stories tend to start with an idea what somebody thought would happen and then what really happened and of course what they learned. Today's there's a little bit different features gabriella jacobson from washington. Dc thinks she might be in detroit now. We told this successful story of her sustainable design studio green upward on episode five hundred twenty four but of course just like an story in the segment. Not everything went smoothly. He's elite simply hear from her about an overworked struggle in particular. Something goes very wrong. And so i'll let her tell the story. I'll.

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