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News and once that was moved inside in Pasco Governor Inslee continued his press conference, saying Hospitalizations are on the rise in the tri cities, and he's concerned. Not enough people are taking Corona virus. Seriously. Look, this is a pandemic. It is killing people, and we have a community response on Ly a community response could be successful. Instantly since he's given thought to a request by leaders in the tri cities to make businesses refuse service to people who are not wearing masks Initiative. King Tim Simon's latest $30 car tab measure goes before the state Supreme Court. Como's Ryan Harris has thea arguments from both sides. The lawyers fighting against I. 9 76 made several arguments that if the court rules in their favor would require the justices to strike down the whole measure, including that the bill violates the single subject rule and by requiring vehicle evaluations from Kelley Blue Book that it creates a law that favors a corporation. David Hackett is an attorney for King County. As one journalist put it. This initiative is a dumpster fire from the standpoint of the law. It violates so many provisions of our Constitution that it cannot be upheld by the score. Allen cops see, a lawyer with the state attorney general's office says all the pieces of 976 are part of a single subject. He also argues there's no requirement for the state to then contract with Kelley Blue Book, The court will issue a ruling at a future date. Ryan Harris Camo news, the state attorney general recommending a new policy, making it mandatory for law enforcement to report incidents. Anytime use of deadly force is involved more from Cuomo soon, Romero's attorney general, Bob Ferguson, gave a report to lawmakers asking them to consider two things in the next legislative session. Mandatory now. To report that there's been the use of deadly course and number to the state would make it transparent to the public to the community and the law enforcement, Ferguson says the F B I created a national use of force reporting program last year, but it's voluntary and only 10% of police agencies in Washington currently use it. It's the program Ferguson believes should be made mandatory. See Romero Comeau News, 5 34 Here's Marina Rock. Inger with our Co Moh traffic.

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