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The doctor on the savage nation yeah this is what I want to tell you about chick fillet the doctor be back tomorrow Reuters and fox news had the story there I don't have you seen this it's kind of gone viral on Facebook Twitter it was a picture of it should fully worker wearing a shirt then appeared to support police officers and it has some claiming the company's racist the photo shows a worker wearing a shirt that says back the blue get it because they were blue like blue lives matter back the blankets a bag won't make you wait what can you think George what was wrong but also want to back police officer no no you can't as usual you know what we tell you to do so Facebook users started sharing it saying you know the show support for police officers are never any chick fillet again these people a bunch of racists but here's the problem Reuters did a little digging found the photo is from twenty fifteen it was a locally owned chick fillet restaurant they're all locally owned and it was actually born in support of a local football team but Hey you know to get the check why mess with that we're making Rippon chick fillet meanwhile let's hear a little bit from the Minneapolis city council president Lisa Bender on dismantling the police going back and forth with CNN's Alisyn Camerota cut twenty four please do you understand that the word dismantle or police free also makes some people nervous for instance what if in the middle of the night my home was broken into who do I call I mean I I hear that loud and clear from a lot of my neighbors and I know in myself too and I know that that comes from a place of privilege because for those of us for whom the system is working I think we need to start I can imagine what it would feel like to already live with that reality where calling the police may mean more harm is done let me tell you something unless you have a house full of drugs or you are a criminal when someone breaks in your house regardless of your race regardless of your socio economic situation regardless of where you live yeah you also if you grab your gun if you're like a lot of Americans but you're also calling the police this woman since okay how about cut twenty six here with Lisa Bender talking about how you know police don't really help you very much get twenty six nine three councilmembers to together with our community and pledged to rethink public safety in our community and to acknowledge that the current Minneapolis police department is not working to keep our communities safe I really what we decided was to start a year long conversation with Minneapolis residents to help us reimagine public safety looks like as we make their short term fixes that are so clearly needed in our department your time a dismantling it not okay listen I have I have said that we need to reform police training we need body cameras.

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