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City in Hollywood. Carol burnett. Joe? Great story about Tim Conway junior. I told me a very unassuming, man. I mean, just the sweet man, there's no ego. He was no ego. So after the Carol Burnett show, he would do not concerts he would appearances and part of his comedy act and not with Harvey Korman. I think with Lao Wagner or was and he would fly around the country and do it at events like those communities that are fifty five years or older, and you know, massive communities would do in front of huge fans. Oh, he's number of fans. And of course, beloved and part of the contract that he had was they would fly via private jet. And since he lived here in the valley. It would be out of van is airport. So they would go by private jet. He would show up an hour and a half earlier not to make the to make sure he was on time. And junior would say dad, they don't take off without you. This is not a scheduled airline. Do you understand? They're waiting for you. You're not waiting for them. Never never got there. He was sitting in the waiting room an hour before just waiting for the jet. I mean, just so sweet. And all right. So anyway, we'll do more about that. Of course, seven o'clock. I emailed him yesterday. And I said, you know, it's kind of beautiful about your dad's memory is that anytime anybody thinks about him. They're going to smile, they're going to smile and think of their favorite skits or laugh. Gary Chan did yesterday. And the fun part about the Carol Burnett show is that when he was doing his thing. Everybody cracked up. Oh, yeah. And they just they didn't bother. I mean, the they no one can keep a straight face at a lot of that was spontaneous where he just did it off the cuff, and of course, these guys lost it completely. And that was always fun to see them try to control their laughter that was as much fun as watching the show itself at great well in Alabama, the Senate has passed what will be if approved by the governor probably will most restrictive ban on abortion..

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