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You have to feel for the characters you have to really get that sense that these are real people going through real things this movie nails it so i highly recommend step which is getting a limited release in august through fox searchlight and then hopefully seattle gets it mid to late august it sounds like the kind of movie that will get a great reception in certainly in art house kind of towns and hopefully and where with a wide audience yes for sure and actually 'cause it premiered at sundance this year and really really took sundance by storm the award the did one at sundance at one the special jury prize the documentary category a have to give credit of course to amanda lipids who is the director she is fantastic and again she talked with this is the q an answer to coach g this story would have happened anyway it just happened to be that amanda and everybody got involved to tell us the story so it was incredible definitely definitely i recommend that said as step now we're moving onto another stiff moving that all three of us have seen we just want to uh last night the movie is called bad black from uganda own also step uh takes place i mean i can talk to a little bit but three high school girls in baltimore competing a step competition so i forgot to mention that before hurry i reduce this next on so bad black from uganda who wants to take the reins on what can i on the i'm going to start off by i mean that you can look at this film in.

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