Michael Jordan discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews


Now back to straight talk with ross mathews i've spent the break deliberate theory michael jordan are you there i'm here jordan stayed on the line the answer is after much serious thought meditation prayer prayer prayer ever yes of course you can go back to go straight after on the the web show jordan doing the after program when will that begin next week i would love to start doing it next week in deed everyone's excited so i'm so proud yeah well listen welcome back and you try it and i k one thing i can promise you jordan there's no money take them to the bank the not going to do with it because it's not money you can take that today all right he could anything dating sort of don't wanna know you having sex don't want don't want to know about it but are you happy jordan happy you know i am really happy i just to get out gylfi cut me off i'm really happy i'm i'm i'm stable thank you for calling kidding.

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