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We won't get a chance to see him. You the Juku guy played three years for buffalo. And you know, Anthony Johnson ivory Jackson. They'll both get combine. Unfortunately, Khalil hot won't be Delwan rainbow. Another temple kid the safety who is not a clean player. You know, these watches tapes kinda hard to trust them as tackler, but he has impressive bowl skills. It really interesting to see how he tested because there are times where he's flashes and makes plays. So you just wanted to see kind of with the quantitative data next to it. But unfortunately, what the pro day to figure out more about Randall. Yeah. It's going to be I guess the last thing day in before we let you go. I don't really understand the rule as it relates to like Jeffrey Simmons where they don't have a guy with certain incidents in their background. They don't invite him to the combine. I mean, really all that does is just make that kid get on a lot more planes and makes those teams spend a lot more money. Having to go down and meet with him and flying him in and having to talk to him again and people around him, which was it's my understanding the whole idea of the combine in the first place was back in the day. These guys were flying all over the place and get next raise all over the place. They wanted to have a centralized location. These guys that have gotten in trouble. I mean, those are the guys I would feel like Dana need. To combine the most. I think you need to nail in the head. The combine to me is not like a it's not a reward. It's a job interview that for NFL teams. And you know, all this is doing is making more orc. Fred I fell teams Jeffrey Deeney draft it probably in the top fifteen twenty picks. And so all this is really doing making more work for NFL teams to go pro day fly kit in for private workout. And maybe they do that stuff anyways. But you know, it's combine should be an opportunity to learn more about the player. The NFL is not gonna win any awards for their handling of PR. And but that's all it is is is the combines become a TV event. And you know, they're trying to save face a little bit. And this is one of the ways that they're doing it. I don't know. It's I don't understand it it, you know, by no means, and you are you condoning, any of the the actions of the reasons that they're not gonna be there. But at the same time, it's just makes. More work for the for the teens. And I think I haven't been able to confirm this. But I think another player that affected was the Wyoming defensive tackle Johanna fon e for the tackle came out early junior..

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