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So make the switch to Pennzoil synthetics today on lower with us right now is one of the great great football analysts this nation has ever seen. Guru on college football guru on the NFL draft the great one himself Mel kiper. Julia. What's up, buddy? Are you doing man? Talking about overrating. Let's get right to it. Because it's been driving me. Crazy number one. Is it a surefire thing that column or is going to be the number one pick in the NFL draft. I can't say that I can't speak the zone accardo's my opinion two weeks ago was ninety nine point nine percent that they will take Murray. And I'm gonna stand by my opinion. That's what I feel Tyler bar won't be the number one pick. They're doing what they're doing because they need to they need to make it look like, hey, it's a tough call. Josh Rosen is a great quarterback. We this is not a slam dunk because they're going to try and trae Josh Rosen and get a first-round pick for him. So I always thought that was smart. Do it that way you see the pelicans doing it with Anthony Davis for trying to I think we look at Kyla Murray. That's everything they want box office. So what he'd be great as opposed to think? Real Josh Rosen to be Andy Dalton or Alex Smith. Yes. In my opinion, ninety nine point nine nine nine percent. Kyle up on is he worthy of it. For them. He is as if cliff Kingsbury cliff Kingsbury is not that coach he's not the number one tech. I'm if they wanna trip snow coach in you know, old school. There's no way speed time or traded up for him last year for Josh Rosen. It's going to go through that and not have quitted Williams or Nikko. So that would have been the pick one in Williams Nick a hat Murray. Number one, not fitting this rant. I remember back. We didn't think even being this trip back to few months ago. Coverage on your right here with Steven ESPN radio. ESPN is one of the concerns that I think Mel nobody has really mentioned enough as far as I'm concerned is that you got a rookie coming in and column he's the Heisman Trophy. He was absolutely spectacular. We know what he brings to the table. Okay. But the questions about his size is height, etc. Etc. That would be one of the reasons why he wouldn't be the conventional number-one pick. If it were anybody, but Kingsbury that will coach, but when kings were talking about a rookie coach you're talking about a rookie coach in Arizona. This is his first year..

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