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On a show. Right to the far side. Jamison Williams running back is to the right of the quarterback. Here's the snap price looks right throws across the middle of black to first down to 10 yard life. He brings a tackle. He's got his second touchdown of the day. Cameron what? To 344 yards, passing four touchdowns for Bryce Young, both school records for a debut as Alabama rolled Miami 44 13. Eli Gold, a call from Clearfield Alice for Oklahoma, held off to Elaine 42 35, Iowa State with the northern Iowa's 16 to 10. Cincinnati Overwhelm Miami of Ohio. 49 14, Oregon down President State 31 24 Penn State I'll ask Miss Wisconsin 16 to 10, USC all over San Jose 32 7, Iowa thumped Indiana 34 6 in Texas batter Louisiana, 38 to 18. Baseball nationals lead the Mets 41. That's top six. Game two of two match took the opener. 11 9 Francisco endure the go ahead, two run homer after the Mets coughed up a nine run lead. Phillies Marlins to Nothing in the seventh White Sox seven Royals through that's in the third lost in the third Regiment of the Tigers. 53 Brewers lead the Cardinals for nothing in the fourth Braves to Rocky's Nothing in the first. Also in the first Mariners lead, D'backs 32 Some finals, the Orioles click the Yankees 43 comes up into the Pirates. 76 Blue Jays outslugged the ace 10 to 8 in the Red Sox trim the Indians 43 while the race just lit up the twins, 11 to 4. Remarkable, Eddie. Get all the sports you need. Plus start your day with a few smiles and laughs. It's d a Damon, A mental aura Morning 6 to 10 Eastern on CBS Sports Radio..

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