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All right coming up if there is a song that immediately pops in your head when i say what does a boy band songs sound like if there's one song that goes thing junior had then it's probably the same one that made the number one on this list of top boy band songs of all time top five my number one it will be different than both of yours probably but this was my number one on the morning sue presents on the celebrity dirt lethal weapon tv series is expected to be renewed for a third season but there's a big problem in it's claim crawford the guy who plays the mel gibson character rigs sources say he's been quote disciplined several times over complaints of emotional abuse and creating a hostile work environmental some people cast members of the crew aren't even comfortable working with him and it's gotten to the point where producers are actually considering replacing him like just offering him you know there's been actors like he led joined the joker jim carey in the grinch but they say it's hard to come out of that role mel gibson role in rush hour lethal weapon was kind of the crazy off the yeah i think that has anything to do with it i guess so but i would tell him like come on man you're just on the tv show genius smallville actress allison mack who is arrested last week for her role any sex colt had apparently tried to lur emma watson and kelly clarkson into her mood she sit tweets to both of them about an amazing women's movement that she thought they'd be interested in she actually tweeted emma and was like hey emma i'm fellow actress like yourself and i'm involved in amazing women's movement i think you would dig it i'd love to check will ever said anything so then she went out on a limb to get in contact with her again it was like you know i participate in this unique human development and women's movement then she like a month later she went after kelly saying hey i heard your fantasy smallville i'm a fan of yours i'd love.

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