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Can find Sunday sixteen minutes after one o'clock be right back talk more about the yoga practice at two thirty today talk about CCA turning forty years old with Natalie fitzgerald in sterling Sims Meyer your clock today from Tennessee police department officer for rain John sixty minutes. we'll be coming right back to a Richard each show voice of Santa Fe here on JT RC Santa fe's news talk later. hi this is sandy price with the Santa Fe rail yard where we've had a great summer fantastic free movies in the park concerts the water tower festivals and celebrations but the fun's not over enjoy our farmers market movie set by the crown shop see some art have a meal bike take the train just be sure to join us at the rare this fall to don't miss our featured events center a mountain fest September thirteenth and fourteenth and fiesta fail as African art music celebration October twelfth both in the park for details on offense parking and more could a rare Santa Fe dot com. what if there was a job where you could let. learn. by changing the lives of the people you work with and maybe even your own with a career as a care giver at home instead senior you can help families by offering individualized care for their aging loved ones hours are flexible and training is provided hi this is can from home instead if you're interested in becoming a care giver visit a ply with home instead dot com when you think of the tea house in canyon road don't just think thi think of the whole breakfast menu think of delicious sandwiches and panini daily soups and creative salad and don't forget we're open every day for dinner featuring entrees like lasagna holidays a punk parmesan grilled salmon Italian chicken pot pie in the slow cooked dish of the day there's also a variety of scrumptious tea house dessert wine in via the tea house.

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