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Heaven gave the names warrior when he returned thirtyfouryearold hartfield was also a sixteen year army veteran who served in iraq a youth mentor in a football coach weeks after hurricane erma tropical storm nate is on track to strike the us gulf coast nate is already blamed for at least twenty two deaths in central america it is expected to be a category one hurricane by the time it reaches the us this weekend a state of emergency has been declared in louisiana in california governor jerry brown is rebuking the trump administration by signing legislation that makes his entire state a sanctuary for undocumented residence as kqed's marisa lagos reports the statute bars most cooperation between local police and federal immigration authorities senate bill 54 places severe limits on when california police can work with immigration and customs enforcement that includes an allout ban on holding suspected undocumented immigrants at the request of ice senate president kevin daily own wrote the bell calfornian simply will not divert its precious public safety assets to stock lawabiding immigrants and undermine the safety in our communities in the process but the trump administration has stated it will strip federal law enforcement grants from governments that enact these so called sanctuary policies in a statement a spokesman for the department of justice says the law undermines public safety and national security for npr news i'm marie salah ghosts in san francisco this is npr news the trump administration estimates that nearly a quarter of young immigrants who were shielded from deportation are no longer eligible for protection more than one hundred fifty thousand people in the deferred action for childhood arrivals program or daca had until yesterday to reapply to the program the department of homeland security says only one hundred eighteen thousand met the deadline immigrant rights groups are suing to stop the administration from ending daca with the roads most recent case filed yesterday in maryland.

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