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There was the zoom gallery violation treatment. Cheese in and I will give you a happy dream at Maldon District Court. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio, and you are muted license to practice that the There's no panned out in Worcester Tonight. A woman is under arrest after a chaotic few minutes earlier this morning, police say during that time, among other things, she allegedly stole a truck. Took off through a busy construction site and dragged a police officer WBZ TV's Nick Giovanni, picking up the story in Worcester. Sources tell WBZ A woman stole a truck in Worcester off Lake Avenue. Rammed a van and backed into a cruiser by a construction site, according to sources. They say a detail officer was dragged 20 ft or so taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. Sources say. Police followed the suspect in the Milbury Grafton back to Worcester, where an arrest was made at McDonald's right by a busy drive through and we don't know the woman's name yet the owner of the truck, Raymond Simon, Seanie, telling the telegram tonight, Police did find hypodermic needles in that truck. 63 stormy weather Not helping the ride right now. Let's take a look at traffic and weather together. Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Hello there. Mike King. Hi there, Nicole you as soon as the rain came through, and then we saw the problem is 1 28 north, jammed from the mass pike up into Waltham. It's a five car crash right at route 20. They've managed to move off to the right side of the highway into the breakdown lane. But Really stop and go. Uh, coming up towards this scene. More delays route 38 up to 93 with the rain coming down up there. So, um, delays 95 in Peabody all the way into Wakefield. Heavy rain. Same idea with Rou one. That's why it's backed up Pull directions who saw August through Lindfield. Routes three and 93 really aren't too bad up towards 4 95 terrible delays out of New Hampshire set off by an earlier crash. 95 South backs up shortly after Route 33 in Portsmouth to the Hampton Tolls. That's about six miles. More delays coming down through Seabrook, right over the mass state line, Really right down to 4 35 before it loosens up at all. Delays getting off Cape Yeah, Route six West three miles through Harwich, another few miles heading for the Sagamore Bridge route. 20 eight's backed up a mile at the born. The canal. Roads are decent. Uh, 95 North bound, is locked up three miles north Attleboro up through Mansfield crash before 4 35 is blocking the left lane. Southbound jammed up a few miles down to the scene to my king WBC's traffic on the three. And would you have a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings out there Right now we have one up for the city and over towards parts of the North shore till just about 6 15 National Weather Service says this storm could drop any size Hail. We could have 60 mile an hour wind gusts with that right now seeing the storm making its way over parts of the 1 28 bell getting over toward Lexington and Wilbert and Winchester north of Boston. Stone. Um, you're seeing the stormy weather along with Maldon and Melrose coming into Saugus over Route one. And then we have this other stretch of storms really stretching its way from Framingham and native getting over to the Southwest through Upton and whitens Ville Douglas Webster than it stretches into Rhode Island.

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