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And I'm going to push a button, and I will go to another call. Call. We'll be Tom in east Walpole. Hello, tom. Hi ryden. Are you? Sure, you don't need somebody to carry your luggage. No, I'd bring one bag. It's a carry on. If it's over my head. On the plane. I can take that as a no. You can take that as a no, okay. Trivia. David. What a beverage world. Of the av. You're qualified. Thanks morgan. Thank you for the call in the offer trip. I try thank you for that. Let's go to Brian up in Maine. Hello, Brian up in Maine. Hello Morgan down in there. How about when you wish upon a star? Hey. That's five words. Rush whole story. Any four words. I'm sorry. Would then forward. Yes. When you wish upon. Starry starry night. Okay. Let me see here. You are up in Maine, correct? We also have a call from Dorchester. Night. They don't want to get you to fused. And please Lord. I hope so thank you me too. Let's go to Scott. Hello, scott. Oh morgan. How I am fine. Scott new good. Okay. How about twinkle twinkle little star? You're qualified. I appreciate the call. Enjoy your weekend. Thank you. Brian in Dorchester. Hello, Brian, Chester. Good morning. Brian Dorchester volume Morgan. Burn. The Lord will protect you on your Vegas, baby. You'll be fine. Okay. Thank you for that. All right song title by Bob mould song is called star machine. I. Sturm? She you're qualified, right? Enjoy baby. Very cute. To push. And this looks like barb. In indiana. Brian. How are you? Fine. Mine is star Jones. From that TV show. Yes. You're qualified. Okay. Thank you. Thank you for the call. Okay. Bye. Bye. Go to learn. Hello, Glenn, high weaken the world tripton. Call me at three for trivia female to me. Well, three is when I always played trivia sleep. Always gives me a wakeup call. Sweat can trivia, okay. I have a. You are my starship by Norman Connors, he was a jazz blues fusion singer and drummer in the mid seventy that wasn't even me and the title track. My starship. Hear that cry. Beautiful song. Very powerful about one. Right. Too soon. That's a line from the song. Oh, you remembered. He right. Would I say the line if I didn't remember it? No, maybe looked maybe I don't look the no don't. Oh, cool. And I know JJ last week for you. Yeah. That well that was weird. I mean, I was I really was gonna guess that I was taking JJ Jack. And you know, it's all right. Or, you know, I don't even think anybody gifts out. You hurt me? But it's all right. Girl. Okay. He win. Give my shirt Qatada. If he calls. And if she doesn't give it to Vegas. Don't you want it? No, they don't have puck. It's I don't like I like pin? We went through that you wanna shirt, right? Yeah. All right. I will take care of that for you. New voice like Markle. Well. Sean a shame. He said. Yeah. Oh, a neighbor named Shane three. Shane okay. Okay. That's it. Yeah. Thanks. I might go back open line, depending on whatever. Okay. Let's go to Joan in Abington. Good morning. How are you today? Joan how are you? Good. I'm I wanted to say style and vocal bam. Qualified. Thank you Morgan. And I wanted to say I'm Brian Austin Prussian at the time to us. He's a great person. Just like you. Thank you very much. You have a good day. Goes Joan comes Paul and Bill Ricca. Hello. You left me in the large replaced? Clint Walker no-show. Yeah. To break knows. I remember that the answer. Nobody replaced. Clint walker. They just canceled the show. Oh, okay. I don't do it. Okay. Trivia. Starting years old nineteen sixty circuits hours, Gary miles, look, I. Just look for a star. Yeah. I was thinking the movie. Yeah. Me also, you know. On the with the record nineteen sixty. Stone. Nice on enjoyed your qualified. Thank you. Bye. Bye. Bye. Bye. Thanks for taking the time to call. Let's go to Jim in Cape on Cape pan. Hello, jim. Hey, how you doing tonight new, sir? I'm doing very well. Thank you. I have a consideration star of Africa. Okay. Which was a humongous.

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