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But first of all the one show everyone's parents that they weren't allowed. Yeah. Wife also wasn't allowed to watch it. How does it? Hold up. Like is. It is. Is it like, Ooh, I can't believe they said that. I have no problem with putting this on the wheel. If you wanna watch it. Okay. I think that'd be fun. I mean, the fishbowl we got. So the fishbowl is packed. You're going to need like bigger fish bowl. We are going to figure fishbowl that should be the tagline for the podcast. Yeah. We're gonna need a bigger ball. Okay. It's like jaws. But that's what I'm saying. This thing married with children. Okay. And we are married with children. So I haven't watched it since I've been married and still. Yeah. Yes. Boy help on the Wigner. All right. Let's spin the wheel. Okay. All rights. And now, let's let's talk about the wheel. I and talk about where we're with certain things. Okay. All right. So seasons we seven is it now up to seven spots on the wheel seven spots on the wheel seven spots. There's only nine other things right now on the wheel. So it has seven sixteenths of the eat the rest of the wheel. Listen it hasn't won yet. I mean, you you can't it's like it's like people saying, oh, the warriors are like dominant, but they keep losing flick. Lebron going to the final eventually it's got a win one. Right. He did one. Yeah. Want to right? Well, he went to Miami. But he won one with Cleveland. All right. See assign New York been on the wheel since the gecko has not yet. I think that's on since day one and hasn't been picked season three episode seven. We did a perfect strangers. People said that we blew it by not having going back to it soon enough that was the best idea. And all these other ideas are trash, but yeah. Twenty shows in the fishbowl by the season. Three episode seven kids shows are trash talking about PJ masks, and all this other garbage PJ masks and poor patrol. We said right Papa troll. I thought that my kids were Pepe pig, which one would think you're you're PJ maths, right? What are your kids? They don't know what it was a lot of golden Pepe pig. Some combination of those three shows unless you could have let me take a look at their Netflix queue is a lot of a lot of lighting my house over the my younger son only wants to watch team zoom, e if you ever watched that show. I don't know that show. Maybe is that interesting. We'll talk about that interesting. -education? So I approve of it. But my oldest. Watch team movies. Okay. I mean. We were with Sesame Street and mister Rogers they have so many options. Okay. Then we have the coin flip were you? And I going that has been where Rob's joys and Keita's choice has been married together. For one coin flip the Oregon trail. Yeah. The rise and fall of JT. And maybe that's maybe the rise in fall. Danny targetable ends up going on the will. I think we'd need to get on the on the blower to to really do that one. Okay. Star Wars where rob explains Star Wars to kiva the plot points of at least the original trilogy. Make some you know, maybe some fake news built in. Okay. Then brand steel TV top fifty off the list. We will talk about that. Again. When we when we get to Robert Akiva need a podcast episode number twenty two judging Judy one of the new dishes to the price is right and conspiracy. Pod of those three new things we're added on last week's episode. Yes. So we'll pretty stack right now. There's really nothing. There's one thing that I think I'm gonna veto. But there's really nothing I'm dreading on this right now. Of course, get your vetoes in these the last four weeks of the year to use your veto. Okay. All right Keiv. Let's get the wheel up and running here. And at this point in time season three episode seven occupies almost half of the wheel. So basically seasons we episode seven plus one spot, I think it's a CSI New York or depending on how you look at it..

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